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tree house multiplay activity tower

Activity tower climbing frames

Activity tower climbing frames are an essential component of any modern playground.

Lappset’ s fantastic range has models to suit all ages and abilities. Often acting as the focal point of an area, activity towers, also known as multiplay towers, combine essential elements of play such as balancing, climbing, slides, monkey bars and net features.

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hard wood multiplay activity tower

Classic Climbing Towers

At the centre of the range are our classic climbing towers, filled with all the play features you would want from such a structurer. Featuring numerous slides, cube climbing frames, fireman’s poles and a mix of accessible steps and challenging rope ascents, these pieces give children hours of fun in the playground whilst building key balance, strength and stability skills.

Choose from ever popular pieces of outdoor play equipment like this two slide Finno unit, the Spell Hill from the natural Flora range with its two high slides, or a smart looking Halo, loved by architects the world over.

See our range of Multiplay Activity Towers at the bottom of the page.

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motoric track playground climbing frame

Motoric Tracks

A motoric track multiplay tower is a great way to introduce a wide array of play features into a compact kids play area, with the square shape allowing children to complete an unobstructed complete circuit around the unit.

Horizontal nets, bridges and monkey bar sets complete the loop, with slides and fireman’s poles offering exciting descents back down to ground.

Such multiplay units are available in the Finno, Flora, and Clover ranges, and can be customised to contain the play features you desire.

Multiplay activity tower purple kids playing
kaiser kuhne tall playground tower with slide

Adding Height to a Play Area

One of the best features of a multiplay activity tower is the height it can introduce to a landscape. Children love a challenging ascent to the highest point of a play area, and the fun and exciting routes up give them a great sense of achievement when reaching the summit. Our City Skyline play towers reaches a Height of almost 8 metres, giving excellent views of the surroundings, with a covered tube slide offering an accelerating descent back down to the ground.

For a more natural look, blending in perfectly to rural surroundings and softening harsh urban landscapes, the Flora range of playground equipment again stretch high into the sky, with the Magic Mountain standing almost 6 metres tall and crammed with fun play features.

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Wallholla playground

Vertical Play

For the ultimate centrepiece for your playground, look no further than the space saving, totally unique Lappset Wall Holla. Designed to integrate play vertically, these awe inspiring structures take up a small footprint in the play area, and can accommodate tens of children at one time. Ideal for when something a little special is required, Wall Holla climbing frames have been installed in city parks, shopping centres and plush modern housing developments to date.

Check out the Wall Holla brochure for more information:

Wall-Holla Brochure

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Lighthouse Q10275
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Play Planetarium 231005
Halo Cubic 239023M
Activity Tower 137050M
Activity Tower 175040
Activity Tower 175042
Activity Tower 137124_M
Activity Tower 175045
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Goblin’s Forest 175520
Halo Diamond 1 239010M
Halo Diamond 2 239020M
Cesium 220338
Activity Tower 137054M
Activity Tower 137115_M
Tower And Slide 137015_M
Halo Cubic 239040M
Halo Cubic 239022M
Halo Cubic 239021M
Halo Cubic 239031M
Wall-holla 14 With External Slide 400114ES
Wall-holla 7 With External Slide 400107ES
Wall-holla 10 With External Slide 400110ES
Wall-holla 14 With Internal Slide 400114IS
Wall-holla 7 With Internal Slide 400107IS
Wall-holla 10 With Internal Slide 400110IS
Wall-holla 13 With A Goal 400113G
Wall-holla 14 400114
Wall-holla 7 400107
Wall-holla 10 400110
Titanium 220150
Cobalt 220140
Lithium 220120
Carraxx Play Ship 220350
Osmium 220340
Iridium 220332
Plutonium 220336
Radium 220310
Krypton 220325
Barium 220328
Radon 220316
Vanadium 220313
Xenon 220320
Halo With Dropzone 230010
Halo 230015
Halo 230020
Motoric Track 175046
Motoric Track 175055
Fishing Ship 137835
Play House 137455M
Motoric Track 137300M
Motoric Track 137055M
Motorical Track Q10456
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Slide 137338M
Tower And Slide 137015M
Play House 104300M
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Marcus 104320M
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Motorical Track
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