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Lappset Street & Park Furniture

Good quality park furniture can add a lot to a public space, with playgrounds, parks, and city streets all requiring bins, benches, bike racks and similar items to help society function.

Lappset’s range includes some beautiful and unusual designs, predominantly sourced from sustainable slow growing northern pine.

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Stylish scandinavian park & street furniture bench

Park Benches

Our range of benches includes both permanently fixed and free standing benches, and come in an array of sizes, colours, and designs.

Smaller, child friendly picnic benches are perfect for the playground or school setting, whilst a normal sized version is great for adults and kids alike.

Fixed benches such as the Scandinavian sofa offer classy minimalist designs, whilst the sun ray bench offers a modern, architectural aesthetic.

Concrete Picnic Tables

Redlynch Leisure has a stunning selection of permanent concrete picnic tables from Europe’s leading manufacturer of concrete leisure products.

Our products offer the perfect combination of good design, great finish, exceptional quality and durability.

All tables are moulded in one piece and reinforced with double layers of steel. They cannot be dismantled and there are no loose parts, providing great protection from anti-social behaviour.

The tables suit most locations and organisations.

park furniture bench
bike rack

Bike Racks

With cycling now firmly established as one of the nation’s favourite past times, and an ever popular form of commuting, the need for good quality bike racks is always there.

Our range comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and accommodates numerous bikes at a time, get in touch for more information.

outdoor bin

Outdoor Park Bins

Our range of bins come in numerous different volumes and designs, all of which are based on minimalist Scandinavian design principles.

Although never the most exciting item, its a vital component to keeping public spaces tidy and litter free, browse the collection below for more ideas.

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Park & Street Furniture

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Park and Street Furniture
Scandinavia Soffa NF2301M
Soffa Scandinavia NF2271M
Scandinavia Senior Bench NF2310M
Metro Bench NF5050
Nifo Bench NF4040
Kompis Bench NF2350
Boulevard Bench 000656-16
StrÖget Soffa NF7103
StrÖget Soffa NF7104
Double bench 0-60482-000
SÄferum Soffa NF2892-1
Park Weekend Bench 000504-16
Bank 0-60280-000
Park bench 0-60310-000
Park Weekend Bench 000504M
Nonstop Bench NF5001
Nifo Bench NF4010
Park Rest Bench 052213M
Bench 0-60410-000
Bench (six-seater, armrest) 0-60442-000
Bench (six-seater) 0-60440-000
Boulevard Wall Bench 000670-16
Urban Bench Arch NF7674-2
Urban Bench Arch NF7675
Boulevard Bench 000508-17
Nifo Bench NF4009
Bench 0-60405-000
Nifo Bench NF4008
StrÖget Bench NF7206-1
Imse Soffa NFJ2252
Imse Soffa Stackable NFJ2202
Nifo Easy Sun Bench With Foot Rest NF4080
BÅstad Bench NF2733
BÅstad Soffa NF2732-1
Nonstop Soffa NF5004
Neo Bench Extension Piece NF3901B
Site Soffa NF7677
Scandinavia Bench Finno NFF2301M_M
Cloxx Bench 220703
Imse Hammock NFJ2131
Chillout Pallet, Deep Mounting With Foundation Plates NF3200
Chillout Stand, Deep Mounting With Foundation Plates NF3220
Chillout Sofa, Deep Mounting With Foundation Plates NF3210
Chillout Bench, Linax, Deep Mounting With Wet Concrete NF3233
Teenseat RS 120 0-60180-300
Teenseat ES 120 0-60182-500
Teenseat RS 120 0-60182-300
Wave bench 0-60151-700
Wave bank 0-60151-500
Wave bench 0-60154-700
Wave bank 0-60154-500
Nifo Chair NF4022
Nifo Chair NF4021
Youth stool (0.80) 0-60191-001
Armchair (swivel, armrest) 0-60426-000
Armchair (armrest) 0-60424-000
Armchair 0-60420-000
Armchair (swivel) 0-60422-000
Bench (with shelf) 0-60460-000
Nifo Easy Sun Chair With Foot Rest NF4084
Bench Workout 081470M
Loop seat 0-60196-000
Sunray Bench NF3800
Stool 0-60270-000
Mini bank 0-60230-001
House Bench 060360M
Tree Bench Round NF000541
Arnhem Deluxe Accessible Picnic Table Arnhem-a
Arnhem Deluxe Picnic Table Arnhem-d
Eindhoven Picnic Table Eindhoven
Arnhem Picnic Table Arnhem
Arnhem XL Picnic Table Arnhem-xl
Park Weekend Picnic Table Group 000502-1
Park Picnic Table 000500M
Yarden Picnic Table NFJ2082
Mini resting place 0-60234-000
Mini resting place 0-60240-000
Resting bench 0-60290-000
Resting bench 0-60286-000
Resting bench 0-60284-000
Resting bench 0-60282-000
Game table (round) 0-60130-000
Game table (oval) 0-60120-000
Game table (round) 0-60110-000
Workbench (mobile) 0-60144-300
Workbench (mobile) 0-60144-500
Handicraft table (mobile) 0-60140-300
Handicraft table (mobile) 0-60140-500
Park Laminate Table 060140M
Small Auditorium Q12121
Pavilion Q12186
Shelter Q10694
Pavillion 000477
Play Shelter Q14520
Pavilion 070205
Half Pavilion Q10113-1
Boulevard Pavilion 070206
Play Planetarium 231005
Story Island Q12211
Outdoor Class Q12208
Butterfly Tag Forest Q12118
Meeting arbour 0-62155-500
Meeting arbour 0-62155-700
Mouse cabin 0-39040-000
Play arbour 0-62152-701
Play arbour 0-62152-501
Play clock 0-62158-501
Play clock 0-62158-701
Bench pavilion 0-63160-502
Bench pavilion 0-63160-702
Canopy 0-62168-500
Canopy 0-62168-700
Sitting Forum 0-62220-701
Sitting Forum 0-62220-501
Svallet Bicycle Stand Frame Lockable NF8800M
Heart Bicycle Stand Frame Lockable NF3931M
VÅgen Bicycle Stand, Frame Lockable NF8500M
BÅgen Bicycle Stand Frame Lockable NF8600M
Bicycle Stands NF7642
Bicycle Stand NF7636
Bicycle Stands NF7632
Bicycle Stand NF3931
Extension Piece NF7613B
Extension Piece NF7612B
Extension Piece NF7620B
Bicycle Stands NF9015
Bicycle Stand J17841
Bicycle Stand J17831
Bicycle Stand J17821
Park Bicycle Stand 060105-78
Bicycle Stand 6 Spaces J17461
Bicycle Stand J17441
Jumbo Bicycle Bollard NF8200
Global Fence NF9632
Bow Top Fence NF3010
StrÖget Fence NF9100
StrÖget Fence NF9200
Railing 220704
Nova Planter NF3910
Park Planter 000543-16
Park Planter 000526-17
Park Planter 000526-16
Vanda Flower Planter NF1930
Vanda Planter NF1920
Verona Flower Box NF1800
Vanda Planter NF1910
Park Planter 000526
Arkad Planter NF4070
Flower Box NF3851
Flower Box NF3852
Flower Box NF3853
Flower Box NF3854
Park Planter 000526-1
Chillout Planter NF3252
Chillout Espalier For Planter NF3260
Flora Plant Box 175589
Ground Grate NF7730
Trunk Guard NF7740
Trunk Guard NF7711
Trunk Guard NF7710
Trosa Trunk Guard NF7721
Trosa Trunk Guard NF7720
Ct 30 Litter Bin Lime Green CT30M-2503
Park Litter Bin 060104-16
Jakob Litter Bin NF2472
Storhalvar Litter Bin NF2456
Litter Bin NF2490
Litter Bin NF2462
Joar Litter Bin, 70l NF2481
Kita 60 Litter Bin Grey Ral7024 CL60-7024
Wall Ashtray Green Ral6012 CT-AW6012
Ct100 Litter Bin Stainless Steel CT100M-RST
Ct100 Litter Bin Green Ral6012 CT100M-6012
Nestor Litter Bin NF2485
Ct100 Litter Bin, Special Colour CT100M-0000
Waste bin 0-67040-000
Ludvig Litter Bin NF2457
Ashtray NF8100
Ashtray NF8110
Info Sign 137556M
Info Sign J14712
Jim Information Sign Without Sticker NF6076
Jim Info Sign With Decal NF6075
Grill NF7694
Grill NF7690
Astrid Grill NF7692
Maria Grill NF7695
Grill NF7691
Park Finno Laminate Sofa With Back Rest 060142M
Park Weekend Bench, Grey, With Backrest 000504-1
Park Weekend Table 000503-1
Park Place Senior Bench 060130M
Malen Soffa NF2751
Boulevard Bench 000655-17
House Table 060365M
Imse Bench NFJ2262
Scandinavia Bench NF2531M
Mini stool (mobile) 0-60220-000
Yarden Bench NFJ2061
Yarden Bench NFJ2062

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