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About Kaiser & Kühne

We are proud UK partners and installers for Kaiser and Kühne Playground and Sports equipment.

Founded in 1988, Kaiser and Kühne have established a reputation for some of the highest quality, sustainable and innovative playground and sports products available anywhere. As such they fit perfectly within the Redlynch Leisure ethos.

Kaiser and Kühne strengths include:

  • Amazing Towers (some over 30m in height!)
  • Innovative water play features
  • Beautiful designs
stainless steel playground climbing frame with metal slides in a park

Why Kaiser & Kuhne?

Here at Redlynch Leisure we also get excited by the technical properties of the Kaiser & Kuhne equipment like:

  • Sustainable FSC Glue Laminate Robinia Wood Product Line
  • High Pressure Laminate with amazing high tensile strength and elasticity, durability and resistance to rot
  • Stainless Steel playground and sports equipment
  • Hot Dip galvanised steel

These properties help Kaiser & Kuhne products maintain their beauty for many years, with less ongoing maintenance and more resistance to vandalism.

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Climbing combination 0-21290-501
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Combination slide 2.40 0-41166-700
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