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Rocking and spinning equipment

Rocking and spinning equipment in playgrounds both help enhance a child’s balance, strength and coordination, whilst having bags of fun at the same time!

Our range is full of spinning, rotating and wobbling equipment that appeal to children of all ages, featuring traditional favourites and modern innovations alike.

View our range of rocking and spinning equipment below.

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Giraffe 010508
Seahorse 010511
Rhino 010507
Moose 010512
Pig 010516
Snailien 010513
Mouse 010506
Fish 010514
Whale 010505
Motorcycle 010504
Dog 010502
Horse 010501
Dino 010503
Froggy 220034
Pico J51511M
Fox 010710
Tractor 010515
Ladybird Swing 096325
Seesaw dog 0-44201-000
Rocker cat 0-44203-000
Spring rocker 0-44231-000
Spring rocker 0-44216-000
Spring rocker 0-44206-000
Spring rocker 0-44211-000
Spring rocker 0-44226-000
Spring rocker 0-44221-000
Spring rocker 0-44242-000
Spring rocker 0-44248-000
Spring rocker 0-44250-000
Spring rocker 0-44251-000
Spring rocker 0-44262-000
Spring rocker 0-44269-000
Spring rocker 0-44280-000
spring rocker 0-44272-001
Standing seesaw 0-44275-000
Standing seesaw 0-44277-000
Wobble plate 0-44141-000
Jumping disc 0-44145-000
Jumping ring 0-44150-000
Bouncy plate 0-44131-000
Spring rocker 0-44204-000
Wobble plate 0-44128-000
Shaky Step 220039
Carbon 220012M
Rhodium 220013M
Ladybird For 4 096321
Ladybird For 8 096322
Ladybird For 2 096320
Cabbage Worm 096319
Spinning Machine 200020
Concentricity 0-44522-001
Circular run with handle ropes 0-44520-002
Pendulum balance 0-44382-002
Cross pendulum balance 0-44384-002
Xspeed For 2 220041
Xspeed 137042M
Xroll 137043M
Waltz With Speed Restrictor 112341
Polka 010264
Flora Grasshopper 175571
Grasshopper 137303_M
Grasshopper 137303M
Seesaw 137237M
Seesaw 220050
Seesaw 175070
Double rocker bar 0-44350-000
Single bar rocker 0-44340-000
Seat carousel (1.00) 0-43240-001
Tango dancer 0-43070-000
Rotating cones 0-43150-000
Rotating disk (0.45) 0-43120-000
Compass disc (0.45) 0-43131-000
Mini tornado 0-43085-000
Mini hurricane 0-43080-000
Gyro disc (0.45) 0-43135-000
Swivel chair disc (0.45) 0-43140-000
Copper 220032M
Turntable (0.45) 0-43133-000
Rotating ball (0.40 m) 0-43175-000
Rotary Squirrel (0.45) 0-43128-000
Zinc 220031M
Rocker 137200M
Rotation plate (0.45) 0-43125-000
Lunar top (0.85) 0-43200-000
Rotation ball (0.40) 0-43180-000
Dutch disc (2.50) 0-43525-000
Dutch disc (3.00) 0-43530-000
Fairy’s Carousel 175570
Carousel 137033_M
Carousel 137033M
Rumba 137004M
Iodine 137003M
Seat carousel (1.50) 0-43340-000
Seat carousel (1.50) 0-43360-000
Seat carousel (2.00) 0-43460-002
Seat carousel (2.00) 0-43440-000
Standing carousel (2.00) 0-43420-000
Standing carousel (1.50) 0-43320-000
Stand and sit carousel (1.00) 0-43222-000
Stand and sit carousel (1.50) 0-43322-000
Stand and sit carousel (2.00) 0-43422-000
Standing carousel (1.00) 0-43220-001
Standing carousel (1.00) 0-43225-000
Big Skyflyer 0-43512-000
Mini skyflyer 0-43510-000
Maxi carousel (3.00) 0-43500-000
Apollo 200230
Apollo 220230
Spider M 220220
Moomin Hammock MP0202

Springies & Rockers

The spring rocker, or springy, dates back to the very early days of playground equipment yet remains as popular today with younger users as it ever was.

With animal themed rockers including giraffes, whales, moose, mice, pigs and many more, such items appeal strongly to a child’s imagination, transporting them to more exotic climates.

Both single use options and springers with 2, 4 and even 8 seats are available for when social play is required.


Like springers, the faithful seesaw has remained a popular item of equipment for all ages. Choose from smaller, compact options like the Grasshopper seesaw, to a beautifully sculpted Finno variety, with its long beams ensuring an extended rise to the sky before falling back again.

The Seesaw is a larger sized playground seesaw. It’s seats allow children to face in either direction or sit back to back. Great fun for all.

rotating 4 seat springy


As well as more traditional options, innovative new products are available to get excitement levels rising.

The Spinning Machine takes the user on an enthralling journey, swirling them 360 degrees in seated position, momentarily placing them upside down and held in via centrifugal force.

The Waltz is another modern take on spinning playground equipment, with its four arms allowing great social interaction between children using it, with it spinning around a central post whilst bobbing up and down at the same time.

playground roundabout with 3 children playing

A Modern Take

For the ultimate spinning sensation, a playground roundabout ticks all the boxes. Capable of entertaining up to four users at a time, the Iodine spins seamlessly for as long as the user wants, whilst the pivoted roundabout the Rumba offers a modern take, rocking up and down while also spinning around its central axis.

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