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Large playground embankment slide

Playground Slides

The sweeping motion a slide provides never fails to excite children of all ages, and we have a fantastic range of products to suit your needs. Whether it be for the youngest taking their first steps to a play area, or those approaching teen years looking for an adventurous thrill, we are sure to have it covered.

Our playground slides can come as standalone products, or incorporated as part of a multiply activity tower, and came in a range of heights. A 0.87m slide is perfect for infants, whilst the 1.4m height slide offers greater challenge as children get older. For the ultimate experperience, a 1.9m option makes for a fun descent back down to ground after a testing climb to the top of the play equipment.

Browse our full range of playground slides below for more ideas and inspiration!

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Our Slides

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Fairy’s Burrow 175515
Hide And Slide 175585
One Post Tower Q10434
Slide 137338M
Slide 137017M
Slide 137019M
Tower And Slide 137015M
Argon 220304
Nitrogen 220305
Renium 220306
Calcium 220308
Nickel 220300
Slide 175090
Slide 175029
Slide 175030
Slide 175031
Slide 175025
Slide 175089
Castle M96009
Airplane M96254
Ladybird Playhouse M96371
Anton 104310M
Combination slide 2.40 0-41166-700
Combination slide 1.60 0-41158-500
Combination slide 1.60 0-41218-702
Combination slide 1.20 0-41148-700
Combination slide 1.00 0-41146-700
Combination slide 1.40 0-41152-700
Combination slide 1.40 0-41154-500
Buck slide (1.20) 0-41124-000
Combination slide 0.80 0-41140-700
Embankment Slide 137025M
Embankment Slide 137020M
Hill slide (4.00) 0-41880-701
Wide slide (2.60) 0-41846-501
Hill slide (2.50) 0-41865-501
Hill slide (2.40) 0-41824-701
Wide slide (1.00) 0-41830-501

Wooden Slides

Our beautiful timber slides are made from slow growing Nordic pine, and go through a unique glue laminating process to ensure they are strong enough to face the elements. Available in a range of colours, these slides are great for when a natural or colourful look are required.

Check out the Fairy’s Burrow and the Hide and Slide, our most popular wooden playground slides.

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playground slide
Slide in playground on safety surface

Metal Slides

On occasions, metal can be a chosen material for slides, and our range has everything covered. Strong, durable and resilient to vandalism, these are perfect for inner city parks that can experience antisocial behaviour.

Popular metal slides include the Renium. With a platform of 1.47m, it is the perfect slide for age 2+. The Nickel is perfect for younger children with a slide height of 87cm.

See our range of metal playground equipment

stainless steel slide in playground
embankment slide on rubber surface

Embankment Slides


Embankment Slide are ideal for when an existing hill is already in place. Following the shape of the mound, these slides come in various lengths and sizes, and are great for when a natural ascent to the take-off platform is required, or when an existing raised area is to be converted into a play feature.

Contact us today for more information on how and where embankment slides can be installed.

Slides for Toddlers

All children love playing on a slide, and a playgrounds youngest users are no exception! Our toddler range features low platform heights, assessable steps up and come in a range of fun, themed designs that help stimulate the imagination. Browse the collection for more ideas for your playground.

Our themed playground slides for toddlers include the Ladybird Playhouse Slide, Castle Themed Slide and the Airplane Slide.

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