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Health and fitness is playing an ever important role in people’s lives, and Lappset’s range of outdoor equipment can help introduce physical activity to your area.

Constructed from beautiful, glue laminated northern pine, this is not your run of the mill cheap steel equipment seen in many parks across the country, that invariably doesn’t last!

Sturdy posts and exceptional metal components mean the kit not only looks great, but has excellent longevity properties as well.

With chinning bars, dip bars, abs benches, battle ropes and squat racks included in the range, a full body workout can be experienced. All equipment comes with helpful user information attached, and will be built on site by our team of expert installers.

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Street Workout

The Street workout range of outdoor fitness equipment has been built with strength in mind, made from sturdy materials to sustain a pounding from the most muscle clad of users.

Focusing on body weight exercises, bars for chinning and dipping reps feature, whilst challenging monkey bars and ladders are included to give an excellent workout.

Watch out fitness equipment video for more ideas and inspiration.

Fitness Equipment Video

outdoor gym cross trainer being used by lady

Outdoor Gym

Cardiovascular activity is becoming increasingly popular and important as the long term benefits of a healthy heart become more understood.

Our range includes a cross trainer, air walker and numerous leg and body weight exercises that are ensured to get the heart rate up and blood pumping.

Lappset’s cardio range has been created with Scandinavian design principles in mind, with clean lines and toned down colour options improving the aesthetics of any landscape they are installed in.

Check out our short video to see the outdoor gym equipment in use.

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Product Category
Sisu Bicep Curl 081866
Sisu Overhead Press 081865
Sisu Overhead Pulldown 081861
Sisu Tricep Extension 081867
Sisu Inclined Bench Press 081864
Sisu Accessible Press 081868
Sisu Bench Press 081860
Functional Fitness Frame S 081850
Functional Fitness Frame L 081857
Functional Fitness Frame M 081855
Chest 081005M
Dip Bar 175018
Air Walker 081002M
Back 081006M
Hip 081012M
Core Twister 081008M
Leg Press 081011M
Leg Press 081011M
Sit-up 081004M
Sign 081010M
Dip Bar 081007M
Squat Spring 081009M
Pull- Up 081003M
Cross Trainer 081001M
Combination Rack 175014
Push Up 175017
Chinning Bars For 2 175011
Street Workout L 081657M
Street Workout M 081655M
Info Sign 081290M
Cargo Net Wall 081285M
Ladders 081282M
Leopard Crawl 081280M
Dip’n Fly 081270M
Pull-up 081265M
Battling Ropes 081255M
Jumper 081250M
Flying Rings 081245M
Medicine Ball Throw 081240M
Rope Wall 081235M
Box L 081202M
Box M 081201M
Box S 081200M
Dead Lift 081275M
Barbell L 081207M
Barbell M 081206M
Barbell S 081205M
Push-up 081225M
Dip 081220M
Back’n Abs 081210M
Fitness Track M 081305M
Fitness Track L 081310M
Fitness Park L 081331M
Fitness Park L 081330M
Fitness Park M 081325M
Fitness Park M 081326M
Fitness Park S 081320M
Fitness Park S 081321M
Street Workout S 081650M
Monkey Bars 081230M

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