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stainless steel climbing frame

Climbing Frames

A well-designed climbing frame is an essential feature for any playground

We have a huge range available for all ages, abilities and levels of challenge. A common feature on school play areas and in parks across the country, our outdoor climbing frames allow children to develop crucial attributes of balance, strength and coordination at an early age, setting them up for a healthy life ahead.

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space net rope climbing frame

Space Nets

For the ultimate challenger, large space nets will never fail to get a child’s excitement racing. Rising to almost 6 metres tall, these structures offer a fantastic vantage point from the summit, and a great sense of achievement when reaching the top.

Due to the interlocking rope design, a fall height of just one metre is present, keeping costs down on safety surfacing beneath.

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hard wood climbing frame with stainless steel bars
wood climbing cube in playground with children playing

3D Cube Climbing Frames

When space is at a premium, a 3D cube climbing frame can be the perfect solution for a play area, cramming a wide array of nets and ladders into a small footprint. Such climbing frames can be ascended vertically or horizontally, and a large, steel cored net on the top layer allows access at the top of the structure.

With trapeze handle swings also incorporated into the design, these play structures will keep children returning time after time.

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steel and rope climbing frame

Steel Climbing Frames

For funky shapes and aesthetics, the Cloxx range has some fantastic playground climbing options, designing in steel and features vibrant yellow nets.

The Oxygen climber offers many interesting angles and challenging routes to the top, with both vertical and horizontal routes on offer. With its futuristic looks and ability to host multiple children at one time, it’s a piece that always proves popular in the school playground.

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Play Planetarium 231005
Fairy Circus 175599
Fish Trap 175593
Fairy’s Waterfall 175592
Giant’s Comb 175591
Troll Trapeze 175531
Climbing Frame 137072_M
Wall-holla 14 With External Slide 400114ES
Wall-holla 7 With External Slide 400107ES
Wall-holla 10 With External Slide 400110ES
Wall-holla 14 With Internal Slide 400114IS
Wall-holla 7 With Internal Slide 400107IS
Wall-holla 10 With Internal Slide 400110IS
Wall-holla 13 With A Goal 400113G
Wall-holla 14 400114
Wall-holla 7 400107
Wall-holla 10 400110
Stork’s Nest 137401M
Pyramid Net L 220203
Pyramid Net M 220202
Pyramid Net S 220201
Spider L 220225
Spider M 220220
Apollo 200230
Hestia 150310M
Pyramid Net L 200203
Pyramid Net M 200202
Pyramid Net S 200201
Spider Net L 200225
Spider M 200220
Apollo 220230
Spider Cage M 220523
Wall Bouldering L 220690
Wall Bouldering S 220680
Wall Bouldering Cube Xl 220620
Wall Bouldering Cube L 220615
Wall Bouldering Cube M 220610
Wall Bouldering Cube S 220605
Wall Bouldering M 220685
Uranium 220468
Zirconium 220470
Strontium 220466
Niobium 220464
Neptunium 220460
Oxygen Mini 220131
Oxygen 220130
Platinium 220090M
Titanium 220150
Cobalt 220140
Lithium 220120
Neon 220110
Troll’s Climbing Track 175590
Troll’s Trees 175555
Gnome’s Climbing Forest 175595
Goblin’s Climbing 175550
Climbing Frame 175005
Chinning Bars For 2 175010
Climbing Frame 175006
Climbing Frame 175009
Athena 150111M
Apollo 150200M
Hades 150210M
Aris 150211M
Climbing Track 137077M
Climbing Track 137075M
3d Climbing Frame 137074M
3d Climbing Frame 137073M
Climbing Frame 137070M
Climbing Frame 104072M
Climbing Frame 137072M

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