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Theming is a fantastic way to introduce some fun and colour into your area, and allow a child’s imagination to run free! Our extensive range of themed equipment can transform your playground into an exotic location, with castles, ships, trains, spacecrafts, and almost anything you could think of available. We can even incorporate childrens favourite characters, such as the Moomins, into the equipment. Scroll down to see our full selection

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moomin themed playground climbing frame with slide
hot air balloon playground climbing frame

Aviation Playground Equipment

Ask a selection of children what they want to be when growing up and there’s a good chance a few answers of a pilot or astronaut will come back.

In light of this, Lappset created an extensive range of themed play pieces for the budding pilot, with the helicopter and aeroplane two of the favourites.

For those looking for something from a different galaxy, we have the equipment to match! Rockets and Space Stations feature in the range to take your area to stratospheric levels.

Airplane Helicopter

truck themed play sand pit
dragon themed muiltiplay activity tower

Animals and Mythical Creatures

When it comes to animal themed play equipment, we have the bases covered.

For younger users, our cuddly range of springers features moose, mice, giraffes, rhinos and much more.

Catering to the fantasies of older children, we have a great selection of mythical creatures themed equipment, including a dragon multiplay activity tower featuring tall slides and fireman’s poles Get in touch for more information!

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large ship themed climbing frame
Castle Themed activity tower


A large ship makes for a great centrepiece on a playground, the focal point where all games can begin.

For the ultimate in play boats, the Lappset Santa Maria, standing 10 metres high, 22 metres long and 11 metres wide, takes some beating.

The Fishing Ship is a scaled down, whilst still impressive, boat, capable of entertaining over 30 children. For the youngest users the Small Ship, with is low decks and slide, is ideal for nursery and school yards.


Dungeons and dragons style games remain popular on the playground to this day, and a castle makes up an essential part of the game.

The pick of our range, the large yellow Finno castle, stands over 5 metres tall and features a wealth of interesting features.

As well as two slides, a cargo net, and a large fireman’s pole, a wobbly rope ladder stretches from ground level to the highest decks.

This offers the more adventurous children a challenging route to reach the summit.

As with all our equipment, changes to the structures can be made in order to fit a certain space, or colour palate.

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Dragon Q10057
Castle Q13764
Moominhouse MP0101
Helicopter 137925
Airplane 137920
Locomotive 137930
Train 137935
Train Q10114
Farm House 137740
Cutter 0-20282-700
Barge 0-20280-701
Small Ship Q14320
Little Ship 137820
Little Ship Q14308
Fishing Ship 137835
Viking Ship Q12325
Pirate Ship Q12865
Play Ship 0-31660-702
Large Play Ship
Santa Maria 137840
Bounty Ship Wooden Posts 0-23500-700
Zsar Ship & Lighthouse Q12946
Carraxx Play Ship 220350
Ship Gloria 175522
Castle 137725
Castle 137730
Ship Millicent 175521
Castle Laurentius 175523
Castle Maximus 175524
Climbing combination 0-22712-704
Castle complex 0-21612-700
Castle complex 0-21612-500
Climbing combination 0-22712-504
Climbing combination 0-23835-701
Climbing combination 0-25200-500
Adventure Forest 137760
Lighthouse Q10275
Rocket Q10264
Fell Of Ara 175527
Play Planetarium 231005
Play Boat 137815
Sand Truck 137910
Fire Truck 137915
Activity Centre 137750
Castle M96009
Airplane M96254
Ladybird Swing 096325
Ladybird Playhouse M96371
Tractor 010515
Fox 010710
Pig 010516
Fish 010514
Seahorse 010511
Giraffe 010508
Snailien 010513
Rhino 010507
Moose 010512
Mouse 010506
Whale 010505
Motorcycle 010504
Dog 010502
Horse 010501
Dino 010503
Moomin Flower Yellow MP0303
Moomin Flower Blue MP0301
Moomin Flower Red MP0302
Moomin Hammock MP0202
Moomin Bridge MP0201
Cutter 0-20282-500
Barge 0-20280-501
Moomin Boat MP0205

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