“Watchtower In Swamp”

Title: “Watchtower in the Swamp”

– Support posts: Stainless steel tube with a diameter of 101.6mm
– Wood: Robinia

– Octagon tower with eight radial inclined support posts made of stainless steel. The tower has a spire roof designed to resemble a thatched roof.
– Octagon platform with an opening, positioned at a height of 250cm.
– Three pressure support posts made of stainless steel.
– Fall protection element made of stainless steel.
– Net tunnel made of Hercules rope.
– Climbing wall with a step-through frame and wooden climbing grips. Please note that drying cracks are normal in all native hardwoods.
– Ladder with stainless steel bars.
– Spiel-Bau slide, box-shaped, with a height of 250cm and a width of approximately 50cm. Made of stainless steel.
– Several balustrades and balustrades with openings.
– Seven curved support posts made of stainless steel.
– Oak figure of a raven, chainsaw carved.
– Hammock made of Hercules rope.
– Several climbing ropes made of Hercules rope.
– Horizontal net measuring approximately 200x300cm, with four safety ropes made of Hercules rope. Supported by curved stainless steel support posts.
– Oak figure of a raven, chainsaw carved.
– Balance rope and safety rope made of Hercules rope, serving as a connection to the octagon tower.
– Balance heap consisting of five logs made of robinia.

Additional Information:
– The design does not include color.
– Manufactured in Germany.
– The visible ends of the support posts are conclusively welded to a stainless steel cap.
– All stainless steel surfaces are radiated with glass marbles in accordance with environmental protection regulations.
– The platform and railing are connected to the support posts using stainless steel press-in threaded sleeves.
– The platform is fixed in place using concentrically incorporated stainless steel brackets.
– All wooden parts are made of planed and chamfered Robinia. They are untreated.
– The connection point between the net/rope and the support posts is made using specifically formed stainless steel forks and tensible stainless steel chains.
– The nets are made of Hercules rope. Please note that different color nuances may occur when using hemp-colored ropes.
– All connecting parts are made of stainless steel or galvanized. Only self-locking nuts are used.
– Drying cracks are normal in all native hardwoods, even after appropriate storage and professional treatment. Therefore, drying cracks do not warrant a warranty claim. (Refer to the supplementary sheet of the German Institute for Standardization EN 1176, Note on for more information.)

User Age6-12
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Technical Information


1704 x 1827 cm

Fall Height Group

250 cm



stainless steel, wood, HPL