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Bound rubber mulch surfacing

Bonded, or bound, rubber mulch is becoming increasingly popular as a safety surface for a variety of applications, with its natural looks blending in well with many surrounding, and giving a bark look and effect without the associated maintenance issues. Bonded rubber mulch works well as a safety surface under playground equipment, and when laid to the correct depth it can act in accordance with all critical fall height specifications. It is the ideal solution for mile a day tracks for schools, and general run around surfaces in any play environment.

Bound rubber mulch is also ideal for tree pits to create a fixed covering which will not blow or wash away – but is still permeable to allow water to the tree roots.

TigerMulch – the

Leading bonded mulch system

TigerMulch is the country’s premier bonded rubber mulch system, and whilst other versions of the product are available, they lack the durability and longevity that a genuine TigerMulch surface will provide. Redlynch have been installing the system for many years, and are one of a limited number of license holders in the UK for this bonded mulch surface. Our highly experienced workforce, combined with using the most reputable materials available, mean an excellent surface will be achieved every time we install one.

Expert Advice:

The staff at Redlynch have been installing children’s playground safety surfacing for almost thirty years, and we feel uniquely qualified to offer sound, honest advice to our customers on matters technical and aesthetic. One of the most important aspects to consider is sub base preparation.

For years now, many companies have claimed that the laying of bound rubber mulch surfaces without a suitable sub base is good practice. In most situations this is completely the wrong way to install any surface type aimed at pedestrian use (other than grass mats – where successful installation is determined by a free draining soil – and some other grass reinforcement systems). Which other paving system used, anywhere, does not have a sub base below it? Please! Take our advice on this critical aspect in order to avoid a costly and disastrous installation.

Head over to our case studies to see how we can transform your outdoor spaces with RubberMulch.

Natural looking TigerMulch is the ideal choice for rural or urban settings. Download our technical overview for more details on RubberMulch.



Unlike many firms, Redlynch employs its own highly skilled and experienced direct workforce to install the product. Rigorous quality control and a zero defects policy at every stage means that Tiger Mulch will keep on working, year after year.

Installation Map



King’s Park

King’s Park is a new adventure playground with a fabulous array of wooden play equipment including a castle, balancing log, spider web and multiple animal…

Superbowl bowling alley – Newbury


Tiger Mulch Safety Surfacing installed under Lappset Flora equipment at the Superbowl bowling alley, Newbury

Norman Croft School


Large area of tigermulch installed in July2018 at Norman Croft school, West Londond

John Lewis Hotel – Brownsea Island

TigerMulch pathways installed at the John Lewis owned, staff only hotel on Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour

Wooton Parish Council

TigetMulch Installation on a large mounded embankment slide at Wooton Parish Council

Western Church of England Primary School

Natural Green TigerMulch Daily Mile track installed at a school in Winchester, August 2019. 419 m2 completed in one day

Rodney Road – Southwark

Green TigerMulch safety surface installed underneath new Lappset unit in South London

High Littleton School – Somerset

130m2 of bonded mulch installed at high littleton school, Somerset

Puddle Ducks Nursery – Salisbury

TigerMulch laid at Puddle ducks nursey, Salisbury. Thank you to ZOe and the team for being freindly and helpful customers

Honeytree Day Nursery, Bristol

150 m2 of a mix of green and brown TigerMulch laid at the Honeytree Day Nursery, near Bristol

St Francis School, Lethworth

100 m2 of TigerMulch installed at St. Francis School, Letchworth, in the Summer of 2018

Chelsea Open Air Nursery

200 m2 of TigerMulch bonded mulch surfacing installed at Chelsea Open Air Nursery, on behalf of ALM Renovations. Completed Summer 2019

Hampton Lucy C of E Primary School

TigerMulch bonded rubber mulch safety surfacing installed under Lappset Flora multiplay unit, August 2019

Circa 400 m2 of two tones of TigerMulch, Green and Autumn mix, installed at this site in Stoke Sub Hamdon, on behalf Mant Leisure

Aurora School, Norfolk

180 m2 bonded rubber mulch mile a day track installed at Aurora primary school, on behalf of APL, in summer of 2019.

Crazies Hill Primary School

190 m2 of TigerMulch bound rubber Mulch installed at Carzies Hill primary school, summer 2019

Wembley Roof Top

140 m2 of TigerMulch surfacing installed on the top floor of this new block of flats in Wembley, on behalf of Play Equip, summer 2019. Tricky logistics but well worth it for a great view up top

Haywood Grove Primary

220 m2 TigerMulch mile a day exercise track installed at Haywood Grove, summer 2019

St Joespeh’s School, London

100 m2 of TigerMulch bonded rubber installed under a new Trim Trail we also constructed, Summer 2019

Kings Park, Bournemouth


500 m2 of TigerMulch bonded rubber mulch installed at Kings Park, Bournemouth

Portland College, Mansfield

80 m2 of TigerMulch bound rubber mulch installed at Portland college on behalf of a rock climbing wall, Autumn 2019


TigerMulch Fall Height Chart

Depth of TigerMulch
Free Fall Height 1.0m 1.7m 2.2m 2.5m 2.8m 3.0m

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