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Flora is Lappset’s nature-inspired range, with curved timbers, undulating lines and a lovely dark brown finish. A perfect look for blending in with natural surroundings, or for softening the often harsh landscapes of inner cities and urban areas. Flora products have the same unique glue laminate process as all Lappset equipment, and give a fantastic final look without the cracking and longevity problems inherent in hard woods, most noticeably robinia, and softwood round logs. A perfect range for many environments.

Castle Laurentius 175523
Ship Millicent 175521
Moomin Hammock MP0202
Flora Shopkeeper Play Spot 709495-705SP
Flora Seat 709373
Flora Water Station Play Spot 709494-707SP
Troll’s Shelter 175510
Spell Hill 175525
Magic Mountain 175529
Fell Of Ara 175527
Flora Track Q13390 Q13390
Goblin’s Forest 175520