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Below is a technical overview for BunkerBase, a low maintenance, porous bunker liner made from recycled rubber. To view more information on our golf course path and bunker solutions, please click one of the links above.




BunkerBase is a permeable physical barrier which forms the base layer of a golf bunker. The powerful liner provides bunker protection from above and below and helps prevent saturation. Pores in the barrier allow moisture to drain away rapidly through to the drainage course and prevent water pooling in the bunker. Water flows between the rubber and the face of the bunker, rather than the sand and the face of the bunker. BunkerBase can be installed in new bunkers or retrofitted in established bunkers that are being renovated. The product sets within a large temperature range and can be laid throughout the year except during inclement weather. In addition to installing the liner, Redlynch can undertake/co-ordinate any additional work with the minimum impact on the remaining facilities.


For existing bunkers, sand must be removed and any drainage works completed. BunkerBase is highly flexible and can be laid on gradients up to 45°.

Bunker Sub Base

• The sub base must be free draining and able to withstand loading without causing subsidence which will distort the liner.
• Redlynch recommends a stone sub base comprising 50-100mm free drainage, compactable aggregate (MOT1 would be the minimum specification) where poor ground conditions exist.
• To provide best possible defence against contamination the edge of the BunkerBase should be buried underneath the 3 turf revetment.


The installation team will consist of 2-4 people and will bring sufficient material for one day’s work. If the bunker improvement programme is extensive additional deliveries will be arranged to the course while the work is being undertaken.


Depending on moisture and temperature, BunkerBase will cure within 6-18 hours and should be ready for the sand reprovisioning the next day. For optimum liner performance the sand should be USGA specification and be distributed evenly with a depth of 75-100mm.

The use of heavy machinery on the liner should be avoided to prevent any damage.

bunkerbase liner diagram

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