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girl in wheelchair playing in inclusive play area

Every child loves to play, and they all play in different ways.

Not all children find it easy to use a traditional play area, perhaps because of a physical disability or perhaps because a bustling, bright and noisy play area makes them uncomfortable for whatever reason.

Whilst every child loves to play, some will prefer to play alone. That’s why inclusive play areas should not just accommodate children with physical impairments. Often, traditional items of play equipment can cater for the play needs of children with autism and pmld etc, but thought may need to be given to how they are located.

Please do talk to us for advice.

See our range of Inclusive Playground Equipment at the bottom of the page.

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children playing park roundabout inclusive climbing frame
inclusive wheelchair friendly play ship

Custom Designs

One of the many great features of Lappset play equipment is the ease in which it can be modified and customised to suit a specific needs. Nowhere more is this prevalent than for inclusive play pieces, where favourite products from the standard range can be adapted to suite the needs of children of all abilities.

Standard units can be changed to include low level play panels and coordination features, whilst castles, ships and many more themed items can encompass wide wooden decks, making them wheelchair friendly.

Furthermore, given a brief, we can design new products from a blank canvas to suit your needs, with the only real limit to what can be achieved your imagination!

Check out some examples of our customisable playground equipment with the Inclusive Ship and Inclusive Castle.

We have a range of inclusive play equipment that caters for all children. In addition, we can provide wheelchair swings and inclusive roundabouts. Contact us today to find out more.

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autistic child using playground communication board

Communication Boards

Communication is a vital aspect of our daily lives, and it plays a crucial role in how we interact with one another. For individuals with autism, communication can be challenging, and it may require some specialised support to help them communicate effectively. One useful tool for helping children with autism communicate is a communication board.

Communication boards are visual aids that provide a range of pictures or symbols that represent various objects, actions, or concepts. These boards are designed to assist individuals with autism to communicate more effectively, enabling them to express their thoughts and feelings in a non-verbal way. Communication boards can be used in various settings, including at home, school, or therapy sessions.

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oasis safety swing chair for inclusive playground

Check out the Oasis Safety Swing

A lovely, inclusive gentle swing that is pleasant and safe to use thanks to it´s patented brake system. When you step on the floor the swing smoothly stops moving. When you step out or sit down into the swing it continues rocking and you can kick more speed to it.

Structure is tough as it is made for public use; the frame is powder coated steel profile (grey RAL7024), seats are thermo-treated wood and polycarbonate roof gives protection against rain and sun.

The design is all inclusive and as an option you can choose aluminum wheelchair ramp. Oasis swing is installed free standing on flat ground.

Watch the video below to see the swing in action.

Oasis Safety Swing

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Carpet Swing II 6.5176-201203-26
“Mini Nest Swing Lucy-Style” LP 1.0287-E
“Belly Swing Lucy Style” 6.5107-160205-21-L
“Merchant Store Nordhorn” 2S-191016-01-B
Sand Play Lizard II 3S-190524-01-GA
Sand Play Platform Rudi 3S-180514-51
Frame nest swing house 11.604
Frame belly swing house 11.6021
Market Place “Weissensee III” 2S-160829-41
Marble Xylophone 4S-131111-21
Play Combination “Donkey” 7S-190625-01
Barrier-free Playground “Seraing” 8.0300-140219-41
“Swing Combination Pankebern” 6.5159-200707-52
“Single Swing, Accessible” 6.5106-140722-53
Climbing Combination “Small Ant IV” 7S-191028-01-GA
Carpet Swing II” 6.5176-201203-26
“Bird’s Nest Elisenstrasse IV” SK-190308-01
“Mini nest swing” 6.5109-E
“Lying Platform Dortmund” 3.3150-190506-01
Splash Table, Inclusive” 3.3177-200907-26
Inclusive – “Mud Table 2, wheelchair accessible 3.3035-E-E
“Sand Play Lizard II” 3S-190524-01-GA
“Sand Play Platform Rudi” 3S-180514-51
Mikado Construction “Schuetzenstrasse III” No.: 1.0062-190320-55
“Grass Seat, Large” 4S-170307-43
“Hammock Grass” 6.5600-170214-42
Leaf Nest” 6S-190430-10-GA
“Josephsplatz 15 – Nest Swing” 6S-151126-21
“Belly Swing Grass” 6.5107-200612-10-GA
Spring Rider “Cheese And Mouse” 6S-160617-92
Hello Braille Play Panel (basics) FIHEBA6
Hello Sign Language UK Play Panel FIHESUK6
Braille Alphabet and Number Play Panel FIBRAL3
Sign Language (UK) Play Panel FISIGNUK3
Flower Explorer Play Panel FIEXFLOWER6

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