abacus activity play panel in playground 2 children playing

Playground Activity Panels

Now no longer simply a barrier, play panels are a vital part of every playground.

Play panels create educational opportunities to help improve the communication skills of children.
Whether by encouraging social interaction or through role play, panels bring an interactive element,
games and tactility to play areas.

Colourful, available as free-standing units or part of a structure, panels add physical and all abilities
activities to new and existing playgrounds.

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Our Play Panels

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Abacus Play Panel 706308-708
Master’s Tools Activity Panel 709403-701SP
Dashboard Play Panel 705705-703
Teatime Activity Panel 709358-705SP
Junior Tools Activity Panel 709405-708SP
Labyrinth Play Panel 706766-707
Slide rule 0-37200-700
Chime 0-37204-700
Pointer watch 0-37203-700
Wheel of fortune 0-37202-700
Distorting mirror (convex) 0-37211-700
Effect disk 0-37194-000
Effect disk 0-37190-000
Effect disk 0-37186-000
Effect disk 0-37182-000
Punch and Judy Theater 0-62150-700
Roundabout 0-37215-700
Leporello 0-37214-700
Communication Spot 137609
Flora Shopkeeper Play Spot 709495-705SP
Flora Water Station Play Spot 709494-707SP
Track Play Panel 707386-703
Window Play Panel 707453-701
Kiosk Play Panel 706727-703
Roulette Play Panel 706772-702
Sea Play Panel 707209-701
Controls 707302-702
Compass 707303-701
Treasure Map 707305-703
Helm 707320-702
Telescope 707304
Pointer watch 0-37203-500
Distorting mirror (concave) 0-37212-700
Wheel of fortune 0-37202-500
Distorting mirror (vertical concave) 0-37212-500
Distorting mirror (vertically convex) 0-37211-500
Chime 0-37204-500
Slide rule 0-37200-500
Punch and Judy Theater 0-62150-500
Leporello 0-37214-500
Roundabout 0-37215-500
Telephone pillar 0-36120-000
Fire truck 0-39050-000
Mini zoo 0-39005-000
clock mirror and musical play panel in park with rubber safety surfacing
musical play panel with 2 kids playing

Musical Play Panels

Panels have evolved to include an exciting selection of outdoor musical instruments or playground
games, allowing children of all abilities to feel included.

Freestanding panels work well grouped together for the children to touch natural or manufactured
materials, enhance fine motor skills, discovering different sounds and tactile experiences.

Panels can be arranged to create quiet areas useful for children on the autism spectrum too.

Create a trail with panels to enhance the flow within the park. They can be age appropriate, double
sided and be a place where children can play together.

optical illusion play panels in playground

Play Panel Posts

On posts, of steel or timber, or fixed to perimeter fencing the options or endless. A cost effective
means of adding activities aiding concentration, thinking skills, eye-hand coordination and even
strategy building. The musical play activities stimulate hearing and develop creativity and interaction
with other children.

We can configure our play panel range to tailor a range of activities for all users of your park.

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