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Sand and Water Playgrounds

Sand and water play items are perfectly suited to schools and nurseries, where younger children let their imaginations wonder. Traditional sandpits can be complemented by sand cranes and water towers, whilst truck shaped sandpits help introduce theming to the area.

Browse our full range of sand and water play equipment below for more ideas and inspiration!

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Sand and Water Play
Sandbox 137400_M
Sandbox 137400M
Sandbox 137404_M
Sandbox 137404M
Sandbox 137410M
Sand Truck 137910
Sandbox Boat 137850
Beach Hut 175583
Jenni’s Bakery 175564
Play Yard 175082
Play Yard 137407M
Atacama Sand Lounge 175586
Mojave Sand Lounge 175587
Sofia 104512M
Linnea 104515M
Rosa 104500M
Sandpit 1.75 x 1.75 0-30100-000
Sandpit 2.50 x 2.50 0-30120-000
Sandpit 1.50 x 2.50 0-30110-000
Sandpit 4.00 x 4.00 0-30150-000
Sandpit 0-30174-000
Sandpit 0-30198-000
Halo Sandbox 230040
Sandbox 175080
Sandbox 175081
Sand playground 0-30230-500
Sand playground 0-30230-700
Sand playground 0-30220-701
Sand playground 0-30220-501
Sand playground 0-30270-700
Sand playground 0-30270-500
Sand playground 0-30251-701
Sand playground 0-30251-501
Coastal freighter 0-30265-502
Coastal freighter 0-30265-702
Flower Table 104610M
Nico J31934M
Sand play table 0-32112-000
Sand play table 0-32111-000
Sand play table 0-32114-000
Sand play table 0-32113-000
Moomin Flower Yellow MP0303
Moomin Flower Blue MP0301
Sand dredger 0-32620-000
Sand excavator with backrest 0-32621-000
Sand Crane 104980
Sand combo 0-39070-000
Play Ship 0-31660-702
Large Play Ship
Sand mill 0-31314-701
Sand mill 0-31310-501
Sand mill 0-31318-701
Sand mill 0-31318-501
Sand mill 0-31330-701
Sand mill 0-31330-501
Sand mill 0-31310-701
Sand mill 0-31314-501
Building Yard 0-31561-701
Sand freighter 0-31650-504
Sand freighter 0-31650-704
Combination sanding 0-31622-703
Combination sanding 0-31622-503
Building Yard 0-31561-501
Combination sanding 0-31570-702
Combination sanding 0-31570-502
Sand mill 0-31321-501
Sand mill 0-31321-701
Transfer station 0-31580-502
Transfer station 0-31580-702
Combination sanding 0-31590-503
Combination sanding 0-31590-703
Combination sanding 0-31611-504
Combination sanding 0-31611-704
Combination sanding 0-31595-702
Combination sanding 0-31595-502
Watercourse 0-39100-000
Ella 104333M
Water Play 104982
Water play area 0-34160-500
Water play area 0-34050-502
Water play area 0-34075-502
Water play area 0-34075-702
Water play area 0-34024-000
Water play area 0-34036-000
Water play area 0-34352-501
Water play area 0-34352-701
Water play area 0-34034-001
Water play area 0-34010-700
Water play area 0-34050-702
Water play area 0-34060-702
Water play area 0-34354-501
Water play area 0-34160-700
Water play area 0-34670-503
Water play area 0-34152-701
Water play area 0-34670-703
Water play area 0-34354-701
Water play area 0-34153-701
Water play area 0-34030-000
Water play area 0-34153-501
Water play area 0-34040-000
Water play area 0-34070-502
Water play area 0-34010-500
Pump house 0-33155-502
Water play area 0-34072-700
Pump house 0-33155-702
Water play area 0-34072-500
Water play area 0-34152-501
Pump platform 0-33150-502
Pump platform 0-33150-702
Ferry rope 0-42520-000
Water trough (2.90) 0-33264-001
Water valve 0-33322-000
Water wheel (0.60) 0-33236-001
Water wheel (0.80) 0-33238-001
Water table (0.50) 0-33446-000
Water tank 0-33411-000
Water trough (0.80) 0-33250-000
Water trough (1.30) 0-33260-001
Water dispenser including flange cover plate 0-33119-003
Water trough (1.60) 0-33252-000
Water distribution table (0.75) 0-33481-000
Water trough (2.10) 0-33262-001
Watermill 0-33230-001
Water trough (2.10) with water mill 0-33232-001
Water scales 0-33495-000
Water trough (2.40) 0-33254-000
Water spiral (1.50) 0-33202-001
Water spiral (2.00) 0-33204-001
Water spiral (2.50) 0-33206-001
Water spiral (3.00) 0-33208-001
Water storage basin 0-33410-000
Water table (0.25) 0-33440-000
Water table (0.25) 0-33445-000
Water table (0.50) 0-33441-000
Water pump (stainless steel) with hand wheel 0-33131-001
Water basin (0.25) 0-33430-000
Water pump (stainless steel) with handle 0-33130-001
Water basin (0.25) 0-33435-000
Catch basin 0-33218-000
Water basin (0,50) 0-33431-000
Distributing table (0,50) 0-33480-000
Water basin (0,50) 0-33436-000
Distributing trough 0-33493-000
Gargoyles 0-33126-000
Gargoyles 0-33124-000
Gargoyles 0-33125-000
Mixing Plate (0.25) 0-33450-000
Mixing Plate (0.50) 0-33451-000
Mixing Table 0-33460-000
Mixing Table 0-33461-000
Retaining weir 0-33312-002
Retaining weir 0-33314-003
Scoop wheel 0-33240-002
Solitary bottom basin (without screw pump) 0-33215-001
Valve combination 1 1/4 ″ 0-33190-000
Valve combination 1 1/4 ″ with hygienic flush 0-33195-000
Kobito sand house “Kumi” 10.3351
Kobito sand kitchen “Yuka” 10.3211
Kobito sand house “Mada” 10.3301
Kobito sand kitchen “Tomi” 10.3201
Kobito sand play “Kami” 10.3111
Kobito sand play “Tama” 10.3101
“Sand Box Lucy with Roof” L.0052-HWL
“Sand Box Lucy” L.0050-HWL
“Sand Play Jahnstrasse” 3.3356-E
Sand- and waterplay Sandring 3S-210802-N1
Locomotive Freiburg 3.3204-151030-41
Water Seesaw Frog 3S-140820-27
Fountain Frog 3S-131118-24
Waterspout-slide Dolphin 3S-131118-23
Water Cascade Crocodile 3S-131118-22
Water Play Kraken 3S-131115-21
Water Play “Leipzig” 3.3065-E-E
Water Play “Brandenburg” 3.3066-E-E-Stalex
Water Play “Kiebitz See IV” 3S-200615-01
Water Play “Sandring” 3S-201216-01
Bulkhead 3S-140820-22
Streaming Table 3.3180-E-E
Archimedean Screw 3.3179-E-E
Paddle Wheel 3.3160-140820-24
Horizontal Water Wheel 3.3161-E-E
Water Wheel 3.3160-E-E
Water Tub 3.3181-E-E
Splash Table, Inclusive 3.3177-200907-26
Splash Table 3.3177-E-E
Water Tank 3.3176-E-E
Water Flower LS-180515-21
Gold Digger Sieve Bonn 3.3130-200907-25
Gold Digger Sieve, movable 3.3140-E-E
Gold Digger Sieve 3.3130-E-E
Distributor Water Basin 3.3187-E-E
Wash Basin 3S-200429-16
Mud Table, Triangular 3.3185-E-E
Sand Table Pergola 3S-200106-10
Mud Basin 3.3175-E-E
Water Chute 3.3120-E-E
Floor Gutter 3.3102-E
Y-Gutter 150 3.3110-Y-150
Distributor Gutter 3.3110-E-E
Mini-Wheel 3.3104-E
Gutter + Mini-Wheel 3.3100+3.3104-E
Gutter 3.3100-E-E
Water Pump Stalex with turnable wheel 3.3193-75
Water Pump Stalex 3.3192
Rotary Crane 3.3047-E
Inclusive – “Mud Table Oberhausen, wheelchair accessible” 3.3035-180314-53
Inclusive – “Mud Table 2, wheelchair accessible” 3.3035-E-E
Rectangular Mud Table 3.3031-E
Hexagon Mud Table 3.3030-E
Sand Box 3.3005
Building Site 3 3.3055-E
Building Site 2 3.3050-E
Building Site 1 3.3040-E
Sand Kitchen, big 3.3057-E
Sand Kitchen, small 3.3056-E
Sand Play Lizard II 3S-190524-01-GA
Sand Play Platform Rudi 3S-180514-51
Sand Kitchen Glueckaufsegen 3S-190924-10
Sand Play Color Palette II 3S-200819-01
Sand Play Dromedar 3S-180713-61
Play Ship “Griessheim” 3S-160412-41
Frame baking house slide combination 11.3121-210831-R0
Frame baking house 11.3121
Frame cooking house 11.3111
Frame sand house 11.3101
Play Tower “Heidelberg” 2.2071-E
Play Combination “Peter Pan” 2.1250-E
Sand Play House “Schnatterinchen” 2.1226-E
Sand Play Construction Heide-Nessi 3S-160301-42
Splash Table, Inclusive” 3.3177-200907-26
Inclusive – “Mud Table 2, wheelchair accessible 3.3035-E-E
“Sieve Table Hannover” 3.3035-181218-12
“Play Combination Bonn VI” 3S-220328-01
Water play facility 0-34370-700
children playing in sand pit play area

Standard Sand and Water Play

Occasionally messy, and always fun, sand and water play stations fascinate children. They offer developmental play, social play, and a tactile experience that teaches children skills. There are two levels of water play. The fun, basic, sand and water stations, with water from the mains or pumped from a mains fed tank, use HPL panels for easy cleaning. Whether measuring, developing fine motor skills, influencing the flow of the water or making a weir, these create an educational experience which sparks their imagination.

Lappset has a perfect range of basic water play and many themed sandpit structures in a variety of configurations, combined with play activities, including all-abilities access.

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playground water wheel

Kaiser and Kühne Sand and Water Play

Then, there’s the world of Kaiser and Kühne water play. Aesthetically beautiful, glass bead finished, tactile stainless steel features. With endless options in water tanks and spirals, basins, water mills and troughs, water scales, wheels, scoops and weirs.

Water play fun comes with their water tables, mixing tables and plates. Using the unique ability to build height into a structure we can configure sensational water play in steel and Robinia to create the ultimate playground sand and water play experience.

For simply sand play there are many options with slides, sand chutes, scoops and stainless steel sand diggers and sandboxes of all shapes and sizes.

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