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Fitness Parks

Installing items from Lappset’s senior fitness range is a great way to get elderly users active and healthy, and means a trip to the park is truly for all, irrespective of age!

With populations living longer and increasingly being comprised of a higher percentage of older people, it is essential such people remain active, both for their physical and mental health.

Specifically designed for older users, products include exercises that promote balancing, core strength, and movement in the shoulders, legs, and other important muscle groups.

The equipment has been created to ensure a fine balance between getting proper exercise, whilst not being too onerous for those partaking.

Choose from either individual items that focus on a specific part of the body, multi function pieces, or pre designed layouts that have been carefully prepared include a variety of exercises.

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Senior Fitness – Fun For All

Scandinavian culture is very much focused on the family, and ensuring no one is left out when a trip to the park is organised. That’s why Lappset’s senior fitness range fits perfectly with their full portfolio of products – play equipment for children, sports and fitness equipment for young adults, and senior fitness for the elderly. This way, a day out can be experienced by 3 generations or more at the same time, all playing or exercising within meters of each other.

Hugely popular on the continent, such multi age parks are increasingly being seen in the UK, as the government and local authorities cotton on to the benefits to a healthy older population. Browse the range below and get in touch today to find out more!

Check out our Active Ageing Catalogue below for more ideas and inspiration.


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Classic 90 080490M
Classic 83 080483M
Classic 84 080484M
Classic 95 080495M
Hip Spring 081415M
Circular Track 120031M
Sign 081475M
Bench Workout With Pedals 081471M
Bench Workout 081470M
Step And Calf 081465M
Memory Game 081460M
Hand Roll 081455M
Serpentine Path 081450M
Sit And Up 081445M
Finger Stairs 081425M
Shoulder Arches Left 081440M
Shoulder Arches Right 081438M
Wrist Workout 081430M
Shoulder Wheel 081435M
Shoulder Arches 081420M
Balance Spring 081416M
Balance Rail 081410M
Balance Beam 081406M
Snake Beam 081405M
Snake Bar 081402M
Wave Bar 081400M
Senior Park Xl 081530M
Senior Park L 081520M
Senior Park M 081510M
Senior Park S 081500M

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