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Knightlow School

We installed two lovely clover units, 175027 and 175005, at Knightlow church of England school near Coventry. Surfacing was completed in a light green wet pour.

Hound Parish Council, Eastleigh

A fun, challenging multiplay, large zip wire, basket, cradle, and flat swing frames, roundabout, two springers, a small play ship and a seesaw were installed to create a fantastic new play space for the parish

Newbury – Lakeside Superbowl

We were very pleased to be chosen to carry out a brand new playground installation at the Lakeside Superbowl, near Newbury. The customer wanted a natural looking playground, and a Lappset Flora climbing frame, complete with an adventurous trim trail, fitted the bill perfectly.

St Geroge’s Urban Village – Jewellery Quarter


We were delighted to install only the country’s second Wall Holla structure in Birmingham at an upmarket new housing development. The children of this part of the city are sure to be well catered for, with a playground very different to the ones seen in your average park!

Shri Swaminarayan Temple, Hampstead

We were delighted to be selected to design, install and surface a brand new playground at a temple in North London. The customer wanted a natural themed area to compliment the new planting and landscaping in their garden, and Lappset’s flora equipment was the perfect fit.


St Mark’s Park, Wandsworth

We worked closely with the Borough of Wandsworth on this project, who were looking for a natural themed play area to help soften the inner city landscape. A lovely double sided flora unit was specified and installed in the summer of 2019.

Castel Caereinion

The Comunity Council at Castel Caereinion were looking to upgrade their play area, and we were more than happy to assist. A basket swing, wobbling bridge and fun toddler multiplay were added to the existing equipment to enhance the parks play value

Letterston Community Council – We were delighted to assist in upgrading the play facilities at Letterston, adding a double bay swing, including a basket and two flat seat swings. A brand new zip wire was installed at the same time, featuring a fun play mound at the take off end

Bournemouth New Development

Large new play area comprising of Lappset’s Flora range, with some challenging climbing pieces, swings, and an adventurous balance trail

Rodney Road – Southwark

“Spell Hill” Lappset multiplay installed in Southwark, south London, in 2019. Two high slides, a net bridge linking the towers and different routes make this a very exciting piece. A basket swing, flat seat swing, spinner, and new park furniture were also present in this scheme.

Langdon Park, Richmond

Stylish new Lappset Finno unit installed at this park in South West London, 2019

St Anthony’s School, Kent

We installed this fun, challenging trim trail set into St Anthony’s School, Margate, in the Summer of 2019

Jack Hobbs Club, South London

New playground equipment, the Finno Lynx’s Trail, installed in South London, Summer 2020.

Leaders Garden, Wandsworth

Large Finno Multiplay unit installed at the beautiful riverside Leaders Gardens

Hampton Lucy C of E Primary School

Flora Multiplay with Tigermulch surface, installed August 2019

Idmiston Parish Council

Mouse Springer and new see saw installed as part of revamp to park in Idmiston Parish Council, Autumn 2019

Cardigan Integrated Care Centre

Play ship, seating, play panels and new sun shade, complete with blue wet pour rubber, installed at the Cardigan Integrated Care Centre, Autumn 2019


Fun multi age castle, seahorse springer and new seesaw installed at this site in Dover, Autumn 2019. Surface complete in black wet pour



Finno multiplay unit 137124m and a waltz installed at this site in Winchester, Autumn 2019. Complete with black wet pour surfacing

St Francis School, London

Lappset play ship 137820 installed onto a blue and green wet pour safety surface, Autumn 2019


New Lappset playground equipment installed in Swindon, Wiltshire. March 2020.

Old Alresford, Hampshire

New playground equipment, Lappset 137100 multiplay, installed at this parish council, Spring 2019

Highfields Play Park, Dursley

New playground equipment installed for Dursley Town Council, in Gloucestershire, 2020. Installed item – Uranium

Holy Cross Prep

New playground equipment installed at this school in London, with a Lappset ship multiplay. Summer 2020

Kent Developer

New playground installed and surfaced for a housing developer in Kent. Natural Themed kit combined with TigerMulch surface made for a lovely landscaped area.

East Ilsley Parish Council


Lappset Clover Multiplay and set of Cradle Swings installed at this parish council in Berkshire, along with TigerMulch safety surfacing. Summer 2020

Saxon Hill School

Play Planetarium climbing frame installed at this school in Litchfield, Summer 2020. Safety surfaced in black wet pour rubber.

South London

Large Castle, bouldering cubes, hestia climbing frame, Waltz Rotator, basket swing, and a cube climbing frame installed at this cracking site in London. Surfaced in coloured wet pour. Summer 2020

Tanyralt, Bridgend

Clover Multiplay, Finno Multiplay, Waltz Rotator and new Springer isntaleld at this site in Wales, Summer 2020.

Ladygrove Park Primary School

New playground equipment in the form is this Finno Climbing frame installed at this school in Oxfordshire, Autumn 2020. Surfaced in TIgerMulch.

Cliffdale Primary School, Portsmouth

Large multiplay item of playground equipment installed at this school in Portsmouth, Hampshire, Summer 2020.

Fosse Park

Lappset Wall Holla installed at the Fosse Park shopping centre, Autumn 2021

Bayonne Nursery, London

New Lappset outdoor play equipment installed at this school in South London, Spring 2021

Ysgol Bro Gwaun

New steel and timber play equipment installed at this SEN School in Fishgaurd, Wales, 2021.


New Steel play equipment installed at this site in Mid West Wales, Spring 2021.

Ashley Junior School

3 new challenging climbing frames installed at this school in New Milton, Hampshire, Spring 2021

St Dunstons College

New outdoor play equipment installed at this school in South London, Summer 2021.

Sparkford Parish Council

New Lappset play equipment installed at this site in South Somerset, together with TigerMulch surfacing, Summer 2021.

Holiday Cottages, Aberystwyth

New multiplay and basket swing playgropund equipment installed at this Holiday Cottage site in West Wales, Summer 2021

Defford, Worcester

New Uranium steel climbing frame play equipment from Lappset installed in a village in Worcester, complete with grass mat safety surfacing. Summer 2021

Solva, Wales

New multiplay playground equipment installed at this site in Solva, Wales, with associated playground surfacing. Summer 2021


Wide array of new play equipment installed at this site in Bedfordshire, including Swings, muliplays, roundabouts, and climbing frames. Surfaced in TIgerMulch. Summer 2021.

Shorne, Kent

New playground installed inclduing swings, multiplay, climbing frame, and roundabout, in Shorne Kent. Summer 2021

Bishops Nympton

Lappset early years multipaly unit 137117m installed at this school near Exeter, Dewvon, Summer 2021

Decoy Park, Newton Abbott

Playground refurbishment in Newton Abbot, Devon, consisting of treehouse themed centrepiece, a shade structure, wet pour rubber surfacing and TigerMulch surfacing.

Dinas Powys

New Lappset multipaly equipment for this school in Dinas Powys, near Cardiff, Summer 2021.

Randal Cremer Primary School

Beautiful glue laminate robinia and stainless steel multiplay playground equipment installed at this school in East London, summer 2021.

Yardley Primary School

Large, activity filled Lappset multiplay unit installed at this school in Essex, North London, Summer 2021.

Legoland Windsor

9 metre tall bespoke dragon themed multiplay installed at Legoland Windsor, Berkshire, designed by Lappset Creative, 2021.

Large scale playground refurbishment project for this school in East London, with new climbing frames, slides, swings, trim trails, and much more. Surfaced in black wet pour rubber, summer 2021

Plaistow, Sussex


New playground and safety surfacing installed at this beautiful village in Sussex. The scheme included a zip wire, climbing frame, basket swing and toddler unit. Autumn 2021.

Cowbridge and Llanblethian

New multiplay climbing frame, two swing sets, spingers and associated surfacing installed for Cowbridge and Llanblethian Council, near Cardiff. Autumn 2021.

Church Lane, Westminster


New steel equipment installed at this pocked park in Westminster, London, Autumn 2021.

Langton Matravers

New play equipment installed at this beautiful village in Dorset, Spring 2022.

Somerton, Somerset

Large Magic Mountain Lappset flora multiplay, installed in Somerset, Spring 2022.

Borth Community Council

New multiplay structure, 137124m  installed at this village in Wales, Spring 2022

Housing Development

We installed a beautiful new natural themed playground, including Spell hill multiplay, Trolls Shelter multiplay, and much more, at this new development, spring 2022.


New  playground installed at a housing Development in Didcot, Spring 2022

Hempstalls Primary School


New multiplay unit and artificial grass surface installed at this school in Staffordshire, Spring 2022.

Windmill Park, Wandsworth

New Flora unit installed at this park in Wandsworth, South West London, Summer 2022

St Johns School, Ealing

Large new play area featuring an array of new equipment, trim trails, a space net, and surfacing. Summer 2022

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Equipment Catalogues

lappset Logo

We are delighted to be providing play equipment from Lappset, whose smart Scandinavian designs have made it one of Europe’s best known and loved playground manufacturers.

Lappset are one of the oldest and best known playground manufacturers in Europe, with a well earned reputation for classy Scandinavian designs, sustainable production, and excellent build quality.

Lappset’s timber play equipment goes through a unique glue lamination process, whereby the timber is turned inside out so the heart of the wood, the strongest section, is facing the elements. Glued together at high pressure, Lappset timber does not suffer rotting or cracking to the extent of other timber products, giving excellent longevity to the playground structures.

Lappset products are perfectly suited to play areas of any size, with a great range of park essentials including swings, zip wires, climbing frames, rotators, and multiplay activity towers.

Together with a vast array of standard playground equipment, Lappset have carved out a global niche for the design and manufacture of truly bespoke themed play structures. Intended for when something a little extra special is required, such structures are ideally suited for destination parks and landmark developments.

Studies after such projects have finished have shown a proven increase in the number of visitors to a park, and the length of time families are staying during their visit.
From Space Saving Wall Hollas and architecturally inspired Halo Cubic to tall Treehouses with zip wires descending from various heights, the only real limit to what is possible is the imagination. Given a theme, a budget, and an available space, Lappet’s designers will work with you to make the impossible, possible.

The Lappset Premium range features playground equipment reaching over 12 metres tall, and designs to date have been based on treehouses, spiders, dinosaurs, sea creatures, and much more. A critical balance is struck between making something that looks fantastic and includes play features that will have children returning time and time again.

We genuinely love working on projects of this scale and can use our years of experience and access to many talented designers to create the play space to take your venue to the next level. Get in touch with us today for more information.

Kaiser Kuhne Logo

Kaiser and Kuhne: Amazing FSC certified glue laminated Robina timber and stainless steel play equipment from this venerable and iconic manufacturer.

Kaiser & Kühne offer a large range of stylish play equipment that is at the very peak of high quality German Engineering. With the play equipment predominantly being built from stainless steel or hardwood robinia, Kaiser & Kühne equipment will last for many years in some of the harshest climates, be this from natural effects of the weather, to play areas that suffer high levels of vandalism.

Robinia hardwood is well known for suffering from significant structural problems due to the large cracks that can quickly appear, Kaiser & Kühne have solved this issue, with a painted system to glue laminate the timbers, thus greatly reducing cracking problems in the playground equipment.

An excellent range of playground kit with a focus on large play towers stretching over 30 metres tall and large castle climbing frames capable of entertaining huge numbers of children at a time, Kaiser & Kühne is well suited to high use play areas where something extra special is required.

Kaiser & Kühne also produce a fantastic line of waterplay products and sand play equipment, combining pumps, sluice gates, sand chutes, sand diggers and play structures that can create a beautiful sensory environment. Waterplay features serve as an excellent addition to standard play equipment, and always prove immensely popular when they are installed.

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