Technical Overview

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Below is a technical overview for TigerTrak, a bounded rubber mulch pathway solution. To view more information on our golf course path solutions, please click one of the links above.




TigerTrak bonded rubber pathway is a mixture of colour-coated shredded lorry tyre rubber and a specifically formulated polyurethane binder with the appearance of natural bark. It uses the high quality TigerMulch system to form a superb surface, ideal for use on golf courses for pathways and buggy tracks. TigerTrak is mixed up and wet-laid on site, forming an in situ surface that is incredibly strong. As the rubber is bound with the polyurethane, the shreds do not move out of place, providing a strong and durable surface.

Ground Preparation

Whilst TigerTrak frequently does not require the same sub base preparation as a wet pour surface, in most cases we recommend that an aggregate base is installed. This is to ensure that the surface drains adequately, and that the surface will not settle or subside, especially in areas of high use. In some cases, TigerTrak can be laid without extensive preparation works. For example, if trees are present in the area where TigerTrak is to be laid and the ground is free draining, it is quite possible that TigerTrak can be laid on top of a weed suppressing geotextile membrane, and be perfectly well supported by the root structure of the trees.

We recommend that you seek our advice about sub base requirements for TigerTrak.

Where TigerTrak butts up against surrounding grass no edging is required. The grass is allowed to grow over its edge to lock the TigerTrak permanently into place.

tigertrack technical drawing

Repairs and Maintenance

TigerTrak is easily repaired in the event of damage. Vegetative growth should be killed of using a glyphosate based weed killer, referring to supplier’s application instructions.

A full technical specification is available on request.

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