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Lappset’s beautiful range of outdoor pavilions and shelters are a fantastic addition to school grounds. Stylish, Scandinavian designs give a tranquil space to spend time, either at lunch breaks taking a well earned breather, or for those beautiful summer days where lessons can take place outdoors.

If you are looking for an outdoor classroom that is also a great fun play climbing frame, the Play Planetarium could be for you.

Traditional shelters, canopies and outdoor classrooms are also available. Browse the full range below.

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play planetarium playground equipment

Play Planetarium

The Play Planetarium takes science lessons to the great outdoors!

This fun climbing structure has the star constellations engraved into its roof, giving an element of theming and helping to keep children engaged whilst having their lessons.

Conveniently, the Play Planetarium also doubles up into a challenging climbing frame, with ropes, grips and climbing holds ensuring an adventurous ascent to the summit.

With over 20 children able to use the structure at the same time, it creates a lovely addition to the playground on a relatively small footprint.

Play Planetarium Brochure

Watch the video below to see the Play Planetarium in use!

outdoor shelter outdoor class

Outdoor Classrooms

Experts believe that children learn best when the learning takes place outside. Our outdoor classrooms provide a super way for children to to access the world outside. Lessons can be enjoyed in the open air within our shelters whilst being protected from the sun’s powerful rays.

Our outdoor shelters can cater for different numbers of children depending on the size of the structure chosen. Furthermore, we are happy to design a bespoke shelter for you, should your needs not be fulfilled by one of the standard products.

View our range of outdoor classrooms below.

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outdoor pavilion large playground
pavilion shelter playground

Outdoor Shelters

All children are different, and an energy filled play time running around the playground is not for everyone. With seating included, our shelters and canopies make  for the perfect playground location to enjoy a relax and escape the noise and bustle of the main area.

Given the staining and glue laminate properties of the timber used, our shelters last longer and look good even many years after installation, unlike other timber structures that can look very tired, very quickly.

Like all Lappset timber, the wood is sourced sustainably. With every tree cut down for production a further two are planted.

The slow growing northern pine is strictly managed to ensure a positive environmental contribution from the manufacturing process.

playground shade sail

Sail Shades

Create a colourful, vibrant shaded area with our outdoor sun shade sails. Constructed from commercial grade sail fabric material, they make for a great area to escape the summer sun, or to conduct lessons in during the warmer months.

Shade sails can provide up to 96% UV protection, water resistant, and the elegant and lightweight designs come in a number of different colours. A range of sizes are available to suit your area, contact us today to find out more.


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group of sail shades school playground
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“Mikado-Pavilion” 1.0051.5-EM
“Mikado-Lodge” 1.0051.6-EM)
“Casita Heidestrasse II” 2S-200309-41
Cube of Senses II SK-190925-02
“Play House with Terrace” 2.0110-E
Merchant Store “Utrecht” 2.0149-E
“Merchant Store” 2.0150-E
“Witches House” L.0010-HWL
“Music House Allemma II” L.0016-201022-01-HW
“House Moon Lake” L.0015-HW
“Hexagon Tower Lucy” L.0043-HWL
“Merchant Store Nordhorn” 2S-191016-01-B
Sun Roof Paula” 4.0168-200727-14
“Sun Roof Paul” 4.0167-200727-13
“Sun Roof Vlotho” 4.0165-201103-01
“Sun Roof 2” 4.0165-E
“Sun Roof 3” 4.0167-E
“Sun Roof 1” 4.0160-E
“Sun Roof 4” 4.0168-E
“Sun Roof 5” 4.0169-E
“Meeting Point 6” 4.0316-E
“Meeting Point Welzow” 4.0317-E
“Meeting Point 7” 4.0335-E
“Meeting Point Lamme” 4.0338-E
“Play House Schorndorf” 4.0200-201125-03
“Pavilion” 4.0200-E
“Bothy Reez” 4.0212-E
“Pavilion Holzkirchen” 4.0211-E
“Meeting Point Delmenhorst” 4S-190212-10
“Bicycle Shelter” 4.0180-E
Tool Shelter III” 4S-140120-21)
Kobito play house “Tola” 10.2101
Kobito play house “Kumo” 10.2111
Kobito play house “Puca” 10.2201
Kobito play house “Moli” 10.2211
Cutter 0-20282-500
Cutter 0-20282-700
Barge 0-20280-701
Meeting arbour 0-62155-500
Meeting arbour 0-62155-700
Mouse cabin 0-39040-000
Play arbour 0-62152-701
Play arbour 0-62152-501
Play clock 0-62158-501
Play clock 0-62158-701
Bench pavilion 0-63160-502
Bench pavilion 0-63160-702
Canopy 0-62168-500
Canopy 0-62168-700
Sitting Forum 0-62220-701
Sitting Forum 0-62220-501
Pergola With Roof Q12139
Playhouse Trikolor 104340
Firenze Pavillion Shelter Q12186
Shelter Q10694
Play Shelter Q14520
Pavilion Q12186
Half Pavilion Q10113-1
Butterfly Tag Forest Q12118
Outdoor Class Q12208
Story Island Q12211
Small Auditorium Q12121
Play Planetarium 231005
Pergola 070210
Boulevard Pavilion 070206
Pavilion 070205
Pavillion 000477

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