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Let’s Create The Habit of a Lifetime

Outdoor gyms are a fantastic way to introduce children to the idea and benefits of exercise.

We all need to do our best to coax young children outside, to be in the open air, play in the open air and exercise in the open air.

What a challenge, given that so many indoor activities now compete for their time, with the easiest of access to any number of computer games and a whole world of watching material, available at a couple of taps on a phone or tablet screen.

The relentless advance of technology makes the issue ever harder to resolve: no wonder that childhood obesity is one of the intractable problems of our age.

Instead, let’s create the habit of a lifetime and also give primary school children a lesson for life: a love of health and fitness! Our range of outdoor gym equipment, an excellent use of Sports Premium funding too, is specifically designed for primary school aged children.

Check out our Junior Gym equipment below.

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Outdoor Gym Equipment

Our range of junior gym and fitness equipment is specifically designed for primary school aged children. Resistance based exercise should be limited at this age, as young bodies need to develop further before extra muscle mass is encouraged. Exercise in an outdoor gym will  enhance fitness, stimulate emotional wellbeing and help deliver essential oxygen and vitamin D.

At the same time it will work on specific physical benefits including muscle strength, flexibility & balance, as well as coordination – not to mention the sense of achievement the children will have in seeing their own fitness improve. Our junior will also make sure that children have fun whilst exercising; improving fitness together helps children socialise, and also acquire understandings of the needs of others around them.

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Quality & Safety

We work with all manner of customers – local authorities, PTAs, governing bodies and teachers – to install outdoor gyms in schools across the UK. But the main customers are the children: their wellbeing, both now and in the future, is the responsibility of today’s adults.

Safety, quality and long warranties come as standard . All of our outdoor exercise equipment is manufactured to the highest standard and is certified to the European Standard of EN1176 & EN16630. Our outdoor gyms are durable, easy to use, affordable and include a 25 year warranty on structural parts, a 5 year guarantee on paint and finishes and a 2 year guarantee on bearings and moving parts. Plastic parts and accessories are covered for 1 year for extra peace of mind.

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Using Your Gym

Here are some ideas for you when considering how best to use your Junior Gym

  • Create a dedicated outdoor Junior Gym ‘classroom’.
  • Create a Junior Gym trim trail for students to explore throughout the grounds if space is tight.
  • Work the gym into structured PE
  • Offer gender neutral sports and exercise equipment
  • Create a fitness after-school club.
  • Enable pupils to use their gym in breaks to ensure maximum use and benefit.

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Children’s T’ai Chi Spinners CTCS
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