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Playground Fundraising

Given budgets at school, parish and town council, and local authority levels are tight in the current economic climate, getting the money for a new play area can be a hard task.

With this in mind, we’ve created a handy guide to some popular sources of external funding and grants that contribute funds towards such projects.

There are many avenues to seek funding for a new project, and different criteria that could be perfect for your scheme.

Some funds and grants cater to specific geographical regions of the country, whilst others have a focus on a particular user group, e.g less able bodied children.

Playground Grants

Playground and outdoor fitness installations have a proven benefit to both physical and mental health, each key themes for the 21st century.

The Coronavirus pandemic has shown how important physical fitness is to our overall well being, with obesity being a key factor in the severity of the virus. Now is the perfect time for a new outdoor gym aimed at adults and teenagers.

Younger children often get their exercise for the day at the local park, and we passionately believe that this helps create an active habit for their life ahead.

Funding benefactors are currently looking favourably upon applications that can demonstrate their contribution to improving public health in the community.

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