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Balancing Equipment

Balancing is an essential skill children learn at an early age, and our range of balance and coordination centred equipment makes this a fun experience at the same time. An array of equipment can be placed together to make a fun circuit, or single items on their own can be used as stand alone pieces.

Wobble bridges, horizontal net climbers, zig zag tracks and much more combine to create an exciting and challenging play experience that require imagination, encourage problem solving and help develop strength.

Browse our full range of playground balancing equipment below for more ideas and inspiration!

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Our Trim Trails & Balancing Equipment

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Low Adventure Track Q10929 Q10929
Adventure Track Q11911 Q11911
Adventure Track Q10105 Q10105
Climbing Adventure Q11927 Q11927
Flora Track Q13390 Q13390
Climbing Adventure Q13911 Q13911
Adventure Track Q14437 Q14437
Rope combination 0-52170-501
Rope combination 0-52160-500
Troll’s Balance Beam 175530
Balancing Beam 175022
Balancing bridge 0-52020-000
Balancing snake on springs 0-52036-000
Balance trainer on springs 0-57012-000
Balancing snake with feet 0-52035-000
Balance trainer with feet 0-57010-000
Balance Beam 0-52100-300
Webbing strap 0-46650-000
Long Tube Tunnel 104625M
Tube Tunnel 104620M
Moomin Log Tunnel MP0204
Giant’s Comb 175591
Wobbling Logs 175533
Rolling Logs 175532
Lumberjack’s Bridge 175536
Unicorn Stall 175551
Troll Trapeze 175531
Moomin Tent MP0203
Moomin Bridge MP0201
Wobbly bow 0-28060-500
Wobbly bow 0-28060-700
Wobbly bridge 0-28026-501
Wobbly bridge 0-28026-701
Cadmium 220080M
Balancing Bridge 137035M
Balancing Snake Track 137225M
Zig-zag Track 175020
Goblin’s Track 175535
Precision Beam 220541
Precision Bar Long Extra 220537
Shaker 137210M
Crawler 175019
Balancing rope 0-52150-701
Balancing rope 0-52150-501
Balancing rope 0-52126-001
Moomin Flower Yellow MP0303
Moomin Flower Blue MP0301
Moomin Flower Red MP0302
Precision Ball (gray) 220502
Precision Ball 160001
Precision Ball (yellow) 220501
Rocker 137200M
Rubber Button 220038
Shaky Step 220039
Cone 175561
Clover 175560
Cabbage Worm 096319
Surfy 200010
Pyramid Climber 160005
Union 220037
Platinium 220090M
Tunnel Bridge 0-28021-500
Tunnel Bridge 0-28021-700
Arch bridge 0-28055-500
Arch bridge 0-28057-500
Arch bridge 0-28057-700
Bridge systems 0-28172-500
Bridge systems 0-28172-700
Bridge systems 0-28142-500
Bridge systems 0-28142-700
Bridge systems 0-28181-501
Bridge systems 0-28181-701
Bridge systems 0-28200-502
Slackline Bollard 0-52201-000
Motoric Track 137300M
Motoric Track 175046
Trim Trail balancing equipment in park
school trim trail with rubber stepping posts

Trim Trail

Trim trails are a firm favourite in schools playgrounds and local authority parks. With multiple items of equipment grouped together to form an obstacle course, or trim trail, taking in climbing, balancing and swinging.

The majority of trails seen in schools are very similar and fairly “safe” in design, lacking excitement and challenge. This means children often get board of the playground equipment after a few weeks of a new term.

Our range features routes with an element of height introduced, breaking the mould of the much seen “round log” approach that traditional trim trails are comprised of. Get in touch today to talk about an exciting trim trail for your school or park.

wooden wobble bridge in playground
wobbling rubber stepping post in park

Balancing Playground Equipment

The Surfy pictured is a great product capable of entertaining 5 users at a time, with the rubber tiles attached to an network of springs, ensuring a tricky route round the surface. A great piece for large groups, with the added bonus of adults getting much enjoyment out of it as well!

The Balance Bridge uses the same technology to create an interesting piece of playground equipment that can be use as part of a trim trail, or as a stand alone item.

The Shaker takes the idea of a balance beam and adds a rocking side to side movement. Challenging the child’s balance and coordination skills whilst being great fun!

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