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Here at Redlynch Leisure we have been designing playgrounds for over 25 years, and naturally it is one of the best parts of our job! From having an initial call or on site meeting with the customer, we assess the requirements before coming up with an initial design. This is then fed back to you, and any tweaks or adjustments made to before a finalised plan is made. The designs come in either 2d or 3d form. 2d designs work well to show the layout of a site from a bird’s eye view perspective, and 3d’s give a realistic visualisation of how a scheme will look upon completion.

Whilst eye catching equipment always gets a child’s heart rate pumping, we understand other, some would argue less exciting, elements are equally important to a well designed play area. We incorporate key items such as bins, benches, and safety surfacing in all our schemes to ensure an area will be a success upon opening.

Scroll down the page to see examples of some of our previous designs, and please get in touch today to discuss any upcoming requirements.

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playground design for new build housing

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