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What is the playground design process?

Here at Redlynch Leisure, we have been designing playgrounds for over 25 years, and naturally, we have established ourselves as one of the industry leaders within this space. When working with Redlynch Leisure, everything starts with an initial call or site visit where we can discuss your project needs and requirements. We then move to the design phase, where we put together a playground that carefully considers each of your project requirements, whilst also incorporating other essentials such as benches, bins and safety surfacing.

We can also help you to visualise the end result using 2D and 3D models, which can be tweaked and adjusted until you are 100% happy with the proposed project. Once we receive sign off on the design, we can then begin installation plans.

What is an optimal playground design?

There isn’t exactly an optimal playground per say, each space has its own intricacies meaning each playground design must be addressed individually. Only then will you maximise the potential of the space and find your optimal playground design.

This being said, there are a set of basics that could be ticked off as a baseline when putting together a playground design. A playground ideally should include a mixture of different equipment, accommodating different ages and abilities, our range of playground equipment can be mix and matched to lay a strong foundation. A quiet space should be included as a place for kids to rest and reset in the playground and finally the inclusion of more social equipment which can include our range of play panels.

Construction of playground

After we have established the final design, then we can start to look at the construction of the playground. Redlynch Leisure have been working in the industry for over 25 years, so we know a thing or two about building a playground the right way. Not only is our expertise a useful tool but so is the quality of the playground equipment provided by our European partners. Lappset, Kaiser & Kuhne and Spiel-Bau have all been providing carefully constructed equipment for decades, helping to fulfil playground design projects across the continent.

Why choose Redlynch Leisure?

We are a market leading playground design and installation company. With part of our service offering including safety surfacing and furniture, we are confident that we can provide you with an all in one package that helps to streamline what can be a long and stressful project. Providing every service under one roof also ensures that no corners are cut and that we can take extra care at each step of the playground design and construction. Of course, results speak louder than words so scroll down further to see examples of our previous designs, we also have a page full of our previous installations that you can have a look at. If you like what you see then please get in touch today to discuss any upcoming projects you may have.

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