Climbing Combination “Small Ant IV”

Climbing Combination “Small Ant IV”

This climbing combination features posts made of durable stainless steel and wooden components made of robinia.

– 1 playhouse with 13 stainless steel posts, including 11 inclined posts with bevel cut
– 1 tetragonal framework measuring 150x90cm, with a platform height of 120m
– 1 box-shaped Spiel-Bau slide made of stainless steel, with a platform height of 150cm and a width of approximately 100cm
– 1 ladder with stainless steel bars
– 1 HPL-climbing wall (optional standard colour assortment) with a step-through frame and climbing grips made of synthetic resin
– 1 safety rope
– 1 chime with 8 differently sized sound tubes
– 3 handrails made of robinia, one of which has an open balustrade
– 1 balustrade made of robinia
– 1 tetragonal framework measuring 50x180cm, with a platform height of 90m
– 1 turnable crane with a stainless steel chain and rubber bucket
– 1 stainless steel sink with a spout
– 1 sandchute made of robinia
– 1 tetragonal framework with a wheel deflector measuring 200x180cm, with a platform height of 20cm
– 1 sieve with a stainless steel chain
– 1 spinning memory game
– 1 ramp with a wheel deflector, equipped with a safety rope, measuring 160x180cm
– 1 balance passage with 6 inclined stainless steel posts with bevel cut
– 2 climbing and safety ropes made of hercules rope
– 1 rope harp made of robinia
– 2 balance beams made of robinia with a triangular net made of hercules rope
– 8 balance beams made of robinia
– 13 posts made of robinia, varying in height

This climbing combination does not include any color design.

Proudly made in Germany!
All support posts are made of stainless steel tubes with a diameter of 101.6mm.
The post heads are free and feature flush welded stainless steel caps. The stainless steel surfaces are environmentally friendly glass bead blasted.
The floor and railing connections are made through support posts using stainless steel-pressed-threaded sleeves.
The floor is mounted using stainless steel form angles set-in centered.
The railing and support post connections are made through countersunk diagonal holes and secured with stainless steel screws with special key head-theft protection.
The net and rope points are connected to the support posts through specially shaped stainless steel forks and restretched stainless steel chains.
All wooden parts are made of planed and chamfered robinia wood. They are left untreated.
The nets are made of Hercules rope. Please note that different color nuances may occur when using hemp-colored ropes.
All connecting parts are made of stainless steel or galvanized. Self-locking nuts are used throughout.

Please note that drying cracks are normal in all local hard woods, even after appropriate storage and professional editing. Therefore, drying cracks are not covered by warranty (see Addendum to DIN EN 1176, Note on

User Age2-12
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Technical Information


1200 x 1490 cm

Fall Height Group

250 cm



stainless steel, wood, HPL