Elephant, Large

Elephant, a magnificent creature, stands tall and proud. Its grandeur is captured in this extraordinary play structure, designed and crafted with utmost precision.

Order-No.: 8.0435

Constructed with durable stainless steel, this masterpiece boasts a size of 675 x 300 cm. The slide, resembling the graceful curve of an elephant’s trunk, stands at a height of 200cm.

The climbing frame, expertly crafted from curved stainless steel tubes, adds an element of excitement and adventure. The ears, made from HPL in a striking blue hue, and the back, adorned with a rubber belt measuring approximately 10mm, enhance both safety and aesthetics.

To ensure stability, four ground anchors are included with this remarkable creation.

Proudly made in Germany, every support post is meticulously crafted from stainless steel tubes with a diameter of ø101.6mm. The visible ends of the posts are seamlessly welded to stainless steel caps, ensuring a flawless finish. In adherence to environmental protection regulations, all stainless steel surfaces are radiated with glass marbles.

The nets and ropes, crucial components of this play structure, are made from Hercules rope, known for its strength and durability. All connecting parts are meticulously crafted from stainless steel or galvanized materials, ensuring longevity and safety. Additionally, self-locking nuts are utilized for added security.

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User Age4-12

Technical Information


1125 x 760 cm

Fall Height Group

300 cm



stainless steel