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RubberScrub makes your

Surfaces look new again

Our pressure washing cleaning will transform a tired playground safety surface close to how it looked when it was new.

Our cleaning technology will also work on wet pour rubber in parks, golf clubs, athletics tracks or housing estates. It also works on many concrete, tarmac and other outdoor surfaces – just contact us find out how we can improve your play area surfaces.


Surface Cleaning Details

  • Safety, non-slip and resilient properties restored – giving peace of mind for the provider and user
  • Kills moss and mould
  • Inhibits moss and mould regrowth
  • Restores colours
  • Play areas only closed for a short period of time during cleaning
  • Equally effective on black and coloured surfaces
  • Works well on rubberised sports surfaces too
  • Can also work on concrete and tarmac too
  • No other process cleans so deeply and so effectively
  • Improves drainage

Watch our video below to see how we can transform your playground safety surface.

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