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Basket Swing with 3 children

Welcome to the World of Toddler Playground Equipment!

Are you in search of top-quality playground equipment specially designed for toddlers? Look no further! At Redlynch Leisure, we take immense pride in offering a fantastic range of playground equipment that is tailored to meet the needs and developmental stages of toddlers, pre-schoolers, and children in their early years. Our collection features a diverse selection of swings, climbing frames, and multiplay activity towers from renowned brands like Lappset, Kaiser & Kühne, and Spiel Bau.

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“Grass Cabin Finny IV” 8S-200625-11-GA
“Grass Cabin Ilse” 2S-170630-42
“Casita Heidestrasse II” 2S-200309-41
“Toddler’s Swing Grass” 6.5107-190923-26
“Belly Swing Grass” 6.5107-200612-10-GA
Cubic-Play House SK-160722-92
Frame sliding house 1 11.5101
Frame sliding house Kuli 11.5121-210831-R1
“Sinking Locomotive” 3.3204-E
“Locomotive Tremsenplatz” 3.3204-200618-12
“Spring Airplane” SK-120926-31-E
“Spring Car” SK-120927-32-E
“Fire Truck Vierraden” 2S-191014-02
“Play Boxes Wansdorf” 2S-200610-10
Play Combination “Cheese and Mouse II”
“Double House Dresden” 3.3354-E
“Play House Pittiplatsch 2” 3.3351-E
“Sand Play Jahnstrasse” 3.3356-E
“Play Terrace” 3.3359-E
“Rabbit-Slide” 3S-160825-46
“Rabbit-Arch” 3S-160825-41
“Puzzle Log M2” SK-160317-41-B
“Toddlers Climbing Net” 3.3380-E
“Toddlers Swinging Rope” 3.3385-E
Excavation Fields Westfalica II” 3S-201001-49
Mini Play Combination “Land of Dreams” 3.3390-E
“Witches House” L.0010-HWL
“Witches House With Balcony III” L.0010-200708-52-HW
“Music House Allemma II” L.0016-201022-01-HW
“House Moon Lake” L.0015-HW
“Square Tower Lucy” L.0030-HWL
“Square Tower Ostpreussendamm” L.0030-200901-02-HWL
Play Combination Lucy” LP L.0040-HWL
“Toddlers Swing Lucy” 6.5107-HWL
“Mini Nest Swing Lucy” 6.5109-HWL
Play Combination “Borni II” L.0265-140618-62
“Flower Hexagon Lucy-Style” LP 1.0650-E
Kobito play house “Tola” 10.2101
Kobito play house “Kumo” 10.2111
Kobito play house “Puca” 10.2201
Kobito play combination “Kuli” 10.2301
Kobito play house “Moli” 10.2211
Kobito play combination “Tako” 10.2311
Kobito play combination “Kuko” 10.2411
Kobito play combination “Mado” 10.2401
Kobito sand play “Tama” 10.3101
Kobito sand play “Kami” 10.3111
Kobito sand kitchen “Tomi” 10.3201
Kobito sand house “Mada” 10.3301
Kobito sand kitchen “Yuka” 10.3211
Kobito sand house “Kumi” 10.3351
Kobito climbing house “Mino” 10.7101
Kobito climbing house “Neko” 10.7121
Kobito climbing house “Moya” 10.7141
Kobito climbing course “Kogu” 10.7201
Kobito climbing village “Mula” 10.7351
Kobito climbing course “Mogu” 10.7301
Kobito tunnel 10.2801
Kobito climbing course “Nolu” 10.7251
Kobito tunnel combination “Kune” 10.2821
Kobito tunnel combination “Kaku” 10.2841
Kobito tunnel combination “Poco” 10.2861
Kobito tunnel combination “Mina” 10.2901
Kobito chained balance beam 10.7521
Kobito Slackline 10.7501
Kobito balance rope 10.7511
Kobito bench 10.4101
Kobito bench Mite 10.4111
Kobito seating arrangement 10.4201
Mini nest 0-40175-000
Health food store 0-20268-700
Fire truck 0-39050-000
Crawling forum 0-20053-701
Mini zoo 0-39005-000
Play hill 0-39010-000
Cutter 0-20282-700
Mouse cabin 0-39040-000
Marcus 104320M
Communication Spot 137609
Small Ship Q14320
Hide And Slide 175585
Cradle Seat 000218
Hugo & Ines 000104
Calcium 220308
Swing Frame 175075
Play Boat 137815
Locomotive 137930
Swing Frame 137414M
Activity Tower 137117M
Play House 104300M
Castle M96009
Airplane M96254
Pico J51511M
Water Play 104982
Long Tube Tunnel 104625M
Tube Tunnel 104620M
Ella 104333M
Flower Table 104610M
Nico J31934M
Ladybird Swing 096325
Ladybird Playhouse M96371
Climbing Frame 104072M
Tellurium 220002M
Terbium 220001M
Sand Crane 104980
Linnea 104515M
Sofia 104512M
Rosa 104500M
Lisa 104510M
Tino 104315M
Marcus 104320M
Lucas 104325M
Anton 104310M

Why Choose Toddler Playground Equipment?

We understand that toddlers have unique play requirements that contribute to their growth, physical development, and cognitive abilities. Our carefully crafted toddler playground equipment is designed to encourage exploration, creativity, and social interaction in a safe and stimulating environment. We prioritize safety without compromising on the fun factor, ensuring that every piece of equipment is age-appropriate and built to the highest standards.

Toddler playground equipment
robinia playground toddler tower

Our Product Range


Our range of swings for toddlers offers a gentle and enjoyable swinging experience. With secure harnesses and comfortable seats, your little ones can swing to their heart’s content while developing their motor skills and balance.

Climbing Frames

Our climbing frames are designed to ignite your toddler’s imagination and encourage them to explore new heights. Sturdy handrails, easy-to-grip surfaces, and engaging challenges make these frames an ideal choice for enhancing physical strength and coordination.

Multiplay Activity Towers

Our multiplay activity towers serve as the ultimate play destinations for toddlers. These towers combine various play elements like slides, tunnels, climbing walls, and interactive panels, providing endless opportunities for imaginative play and cooperative activities.

Brands You Can Trust

We collaborate with esteemed brands such as Lappset, Kaiser & Kühne, and Spiel Bau to ensure that our playground equipment not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of quality, safety, and durability. These brands are globally recognized for their commitment to creating innovative, engaging, and reliable playground solutions.

Tailored for Various Settings

Whether you’re a pre-school, nursery, reception, or early years educational facility, our toddler playground equipment is adaptable to various settings. We understand that every environment has unique requirements, and our products can be customized to suit your space and preferences.

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Are you ready to transform your outdoor space into a haven of play and learning for toddlers? Reach out to us today to explore our range of toddler playground equipment. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in choosing the perfect equipment that aligns with your vision and goals.

Invest in the future of your little ones with our top-notch toddler playground equipment. Let the journey of laughter, growth, and discovery begin!

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