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Working with architects

At Redlynch, we frequently work with architects and planners, offering advice and assistance on safety surfacing and play equipment for their current designs. Having been involved in safety surfacing for almost 30 years, we have gained a wealth of knowledge on which type of surfaces work best in specific circumstances, and are always happy to share this information.

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Safety surfacing

We are one of a limited number of licence holders for laying Tiger Mulch – the country’s leading rubber bonded mulch safety surface, and are regularly specified on architects plans as the go to company for installing the surface. Tiger Mulch gives off a very natural look, not dissimilar to bark, and is a hard wearing surface that will last for many years, and helps keep an area accessible all year round, no matter the weather conditions.

Our Flexitop wet pour system makes for a great safety surface when a hard wearing, impact absorbing surface is required. Wet pour is an excellent surface for incorporating design into its look, as graphics, different areas of colour and all sorts of shapes can be cut into the design. We use only the best materials and workmanship when installing this system – something that is absolutely vital to achieving longevity of the surface. While cheaper options will always be available, our surfaces regularly last over 20 years, and have a strong reputation in the industry for their durability and impressive lifespans.

Safety Surfacing

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Space Saving

Play areas

If you are looking for play equipment for an area, our Lappset range of kit has every base covered, with beautiful Scandinavian designs catering for all needs, from the smallest slide to the Santa Maria play ship, housing over 100 children at one time. The award winning designs and excellent build quality of Lappset equipment, as well as the strong sustainable credentials of the equipment (sourced from the abundant slow growing Nordic Pine fields of Finland) make Lappset one of Europe’s favourite playground manufacturers.

The Space saving Wall Holla is an ever popular piece with architects, with its vertical design and array of climbing, crawling and sliding play features meaning a whole play area can be built on a tiny footprint, as low as 8m long by 2m wide in some cases.

The Urban tree house inspired Halo Cubic range again takes the playground vertically up from the ground and, like the Wall Holla, only requires a small surface area of space. With 1, 2 or 3 storey towers available, and with each layer containing an exciting combination of nets, swings and balance items, they make a great centrepiece for any play area.

Playground Equipment

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Create a

Destination playground

For those occasions when something extra special is required, the Lappset premium range could provide the answer.

Designed in a totally bespoke and customised manor, premium pieces are used to create a “destination playground” – a playground in which parents will travel over 30 minutes to visit, and children will want to stay more than 2 hours at the site.

Recent examples of Lappset Premium designs include huge dinosaurs, sharks, marine monster and tree houses, and any idea or theme can be incorporated into a design.

Premium Play

Book a CPD

We regularly run Continuous Professional Development (CPD) seminars with architects talking about safety surfacing and play equipment – if you would like to learn more, please contact us to arrange a session.

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What we can provide

Comprehensive technical information

We can provide comprehensive technical information relating to our surfacing, play and fitness products including:

  • Technical drawings of equipment (including DWG format)
  • Animated views to visualise new designs
  • Innovative playground and surfacing products
  • Sustainable drainage solutions.

Problem solving solutions

With over 20 years experience in surfacing and playground installation we know great solutions to complex design problems. For example;

  • Is it possible to have a rooftop playground?
  • What are the additional costs?
  • How can you provide lots of inviting playground space for lots of children within a small footprint?
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Example services

Surfacing experts

At Redlynch Leisure we have been providing surfacing solutions for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on the quality and breadth of surfacing solutions we offer.

From TigerMulch tree pits to porous hardwearing pathways and playground surfacing we have solutions that enhance many development projects.

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Example products

Bespoke play and fitness equipment

By partnering with Lappset for our play and fitness equipment we have access to some of the best and most innovative products available.

What’s even better is that many products can be customised into bespoke pieces. This means that awkward spaces can be utilised fully with over 5000 different pieces available to customise.

cube activity tower with slide

Example products

Architecturally inspired playground designs

The Halo-Cubic playground range must have been inspired by modern architecture! These cuboid designs are inspired by treehouses – but with a modern twist. Not only are they beautiful, but their modular design again allows customisation.

Perhaps most important of all, children love them! One Halo-Cubic Play tower can accommodate over 40 children within a footprint of less than 90m².

wet pour surface used as a path

Example services

Sustainable drainage solutions

A number of our surfacing products have excellent porosity characteristics that can help mitigate against urban drainage issues.

Our FlexiPath surfacing combines rubber, stone and resin to form an attractive hard wearing surface that is great to walk on. It also requires minimal maintenance.

wallholla climbing wall in playground

Example products

Space saving playground designs

Halo-Cubic range is good at enabling lots of children to play within a relatively small area, but the Wall Holla take this space saving vertical playground to another level.

For example, the Wall Holla 13 with a goal can accommodate 39 children within a footprint of less than 60m².

pirate ship climbing frame with slide

Example products

Amazing playground centrepieces

If you are looking for a playground centrepiece then there are lots of choices available. From vertical playgrounds like WallHolla and Halo-Cubics, there is a wide choice of fantastic designs in the Premium Range.

These include architecturally inspired designs like Olives to theme based designs like Dino. There is also a huge range of theme based products with trolls, goblins, ships, castles, animals, trains, spaceships and more.

Playground Equipment

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