Play Combination “Woelkchen”

Play combination “Woelkchen”
Order Number: 2.2072-190802-02
Posts constructed from stainless steel
Wood: Robinia

– One square tower measuring 90x90cm, with a height of 180cm, featuring a roof made of HPL in the color blue and stainless steel caps.
– Two HPL applications resembling a “cloud.”
– One HPL application resembling a “5-pointed star.”
– One box-shaped Spiel-Bau slide with a height of 180cm and a width of approximately 50cm.
– One sprout rise made of stainless steel.
– Climbing wall made of HPL in the color blue, equipped with a step-through frame and holding grips made of synthetic resin.
– One wobbly bridge measuring approximately 200cm in length, with handrails on both sides.
– One square framework measuring 90x90cm, with a height of 130cm, featuring two stainless steel posts with an HPL application resembling a “5-pointed star.”
– One ladder with stainless steel bars.
– One sand chute.
– One table with a seat plank resembling a “cloud.”
– One HPL balustrade with an HPL application resembling a “rainbow.”
– Several handrails and balustrades.

Proudly made in Germany!
All support posts are constructed from stainless steel tubes with a diameter of ø101.6mm.
The visible ends of the posts are securely welded to stainless steel caps. All stainless steel surfaces are treated with glass marbles in accordance with environmental protection regulations.
The connection between the platform/railing and support posts is achieved through stainless steel press-in threaded sleeves.
All wooden parts are made from Robinia, planed and chamfered. They remain untreated.
The connection point between the net/rope and support posts is established through specifically formed stainless steel forks and tensible stainless steel chains.
All nets/ropes are made from Hercules rope.
All connecting parts are made from stainless steel or galvanized materials. Only self-locking nuts are used.

Drying cracks are a natural occurrence in all native hardwoods, even after appropriate storage and professional treatment. Therefore, drying cracks do not warrant a warranty claim. (Refer to the supplementary sheet from the German Institute for Standardization EN 1176, Note on

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User Age3-10
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Technical Information


ca. 730 x 735 cm

Fall Height Group

180 cm



stainless steel, wood, HPL