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MUGAs – Multi Use Games Areas

MUGAs (Multi Use Games Areas) have been popular for a long time now, and can be seen in schools and public areas across the country. Catering for a mix of games, primarily football and basketball, these arenas and a great way to provide a high class sporting facility for your area.

Lappset’s arenas are primarily constructed of glue laminated timber, which has many benefits. Not only is this a more environmentally friendly material than steel, the natural aesthetics also look great in all landscapes.

Timber MUGAs, unlike their steel counterparts, also have the added benefit of rattling far less when a ball is kicked against them. This is especially important when located near houses, or in school grounds adjacent to classrooms.

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Panna Football

Have you played Panna football? It’s a form of football in which your opponent attempts to pass the ball between your legs and recover it on the other side, also known as nutmegging. Panna arenas fit even in the smallest housing estates, making playing safe and easy! Other ball games can be playing in these small MUGAs.

Watch our video below to see Panna football being played the Panna High.

Sports Surfacing

Choosing the surface for your MUGA is an important decision, and there are a number of options to consider here.

Tarmac is a hard wearing, versatile choice, but isn’t particularly forgiving to fall on.

Installing a layer of synthetic turf is a good option, especially when football is likely to be played.

A rubberised surface can provided a softer area than tarmac, and can facilitate a range of sports to be played.

Check out all our safety surfaces options.

Safety Surfacing

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Ace Arena 15×30 080843M
Ace Arena 15×30 080843M
Ace Arena 13×26 080842M
Ace Ball Point 080840M
Ace Arena 080841M
Basket Ball Stand 4 080924M
Basket Ball Stand 3 080923M
Basket Ball Stand 2 080922M
Basket Ball Stand 1 080921M
Goal L 080953
Goal M 080952
Goal S 080951
Goal Xs 080950
Metal Arena 080851
Mini Arcsport 080826

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