Children’s House Woelkchen

Children’s house Woelkchen
Order Number: 2S-190802-01
Made of stainless steel, the posts are durable and long-lasting. The wood used is robinia.

– The roof is made of small HPL in a vibrant blue color. One of the roofs has a unique HPL application that resembles a “5-pointed star.”
– There is a squared framework with inclined stainless steel posts, reaching a height of 150cm. Two of these posts have an HPL application in the shape of a “cloud.”
– Additionally, there is a half gable area with a window. The window frame is glazed in a beautiful blue shade.
– A chicken ladder with bars, designed to resemble a “cloud,” is included. It also features a safety rope made of hercules rope.
– A box-shaped slide with a height of 150cm is part of the set.
– Another squared framework, with inclined stainless steel posts reaching a height of 130cm, is included.
– A balustrade with an HPL application in the form of a “rainbow” is also part of the set.
– A stainless steel crane roller with a chain and rubber bucket is included.
– A sand chute is provided for added fun.
– Several handrails and balustrades are included for safety.
– Two stainless steel posts, one of which has an HPL application resembling a “5-pointed star,” are part of the set.
– A wobbly bridge, approximately 200cm in length, with 5 wooden plates featuring the motif of a “5-pointed star” is included.
– A step in the shape of a “5-pointed star” with stainless steel posts is part of the set.
– A balance beam, approximately 200cm in length, made of robinia wood is included.
– Two stainless steel insurrections are also part of the set.

This product is proudly made in Germany! All support posts are made of stainless steel tube with a diameter of 101.6mm. The visible ends of the posts are welded conclusively to a stainless steel cap. To ensure environmental protection, all stainless steel surfaces are radiated with glass marbles. The platform/railing is connected to the support posts through stainless steel press-in threaded sleeves. All wooden parts are made of Robinia, planed, and chamfered. They are left untreated. The connection point between the net/rope and support posts is made through a specifically formed stainless steel fork and a tensible stainless steel chain. All nets/ropes are made of Hercules rope. All connecting parts are made of stainless steel or galvanized, and only self-locking nuts are used.

Please note that drying cracks are normal in all native hard woods, even after appropriate storage and professional treatment. Therefore, drying cracks do not justify a warranty claim (refer to the supplementary sheet to the German Institute for Standardization EN 1176, Note on

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User Age3-8
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Technical Information


ca. 890 x 660 cm

Fall Height Group

150 cm



stainless steel, wood, HPL