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Climbing Playground Equipment

Introducing climbing features to a playground is a great way to add an element of challenge to the landscape. Developing core strength and coordination skills, a climbing unit is often the first piece of equipment a child will head for when entering the area.

Climbing features are particularly appealing to older children, who may have outgrown more traditional playground items, and those looking to increase the risk and challenge they experience at the park.

Our bouldering walls are sturdy structures, capable of entertaining a large number of children at one time, and have proved hugely popular where they have been installed.

Check out our bouldering video below.

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Bouldering is an increasingly popular pastime for all ages of people, and especially with older children. Soon to be an olympic sport, its popularity is currently soaring, and many local authorities are starting to tap into this by installing bouldering units into their play areas.

We have a fantastic range of both steel and glue laminated wooden structures that can add the height and challenge to your playground children will crave.  With bouldering walls, cubes, and climbing structures in our portfolio, browse the full range below!

outdoor bouldering wall in playground
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Hanging Frame 175016
Cargo Net Wall 081285M
Obstacle Wall 081236M
Rope Wall 081235M
Wall Bouldering L 220690
Wall Bouldering S 220680
Wall Bouldering Cube Xl 220620
Wall Bouldering Cube L 220615
Wall Bouldering Cube M 220610
Wall Bouldering Cube S 220605
Wall Bouldering M 220685
Monkey Bars 081230M

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