Frame Block House

The “Frame Block House” features a frame and posts that are constructed from durable stainless steel. The wood used for this structure is Robinia.

The frame is made from squared stainless steel, providing a sturdy foundation. The square platform measures 65x205cm and includes various components such as two stainless steel bars, a box-shaped stainless steel slide, two vertical climbing nets, a horizontal square net, a small mesh-sized horizontal square net, a horizontal beam with a plank made of Robinia, two parallel slide poles made of stainless steel, and five safety ropes.

The frame and posts are coated with a powder coating to enhance their durability. This product is proudly made in Germany.

All support posts are made from squared stainless steel tubes measuring 120x120mm. To ensure environmental protection, all stainless steel surfaces are radiated with glass marbles. The wooden parts of the structure are made from Robinia, planed and chamfered, and remain untreated.

The connection point between the net/rope and the support posts is achieved through a specifically formed stainless steel fork and a tensible stainless steel chain. The ropes and nets are made from Hercules rope. All connecting parts are made from stainless steel or galvanized materials, and only self-locking nuts are used.

It is important to note that drying cracks may occur in all native hard woods, even after appropriate storage and professional treatment. Therefore, drying cracks do not warrant a claim. For more information, please refer to the supplementary sheet provided by the German Institute for Standardization EN 1176, specifically Note

User Age5-12 years
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Technical Information


743 x 750 cm

Fall Height Group

150 cm



stainless steel, wood