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Leisure & tourism

Our beautifully designed play equipment finds a natural home in leisure and tourism businesses.

From bowling alleys to caravan parks, theme parks and stately homes and zoos to motorway service areas, we will build a play area that matches your needs. This could be based on budget, number of users, or a given theme.

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Improving your

Retail experience

Retail operators understand the importance of leisure facilities in promoting their centres and malls. Happy, entertained children mean that parents can stay shopping for longer, which often translates to them spending more. Gone are the days when bored children made shopping such a miserable experience!

Lappset’s equipment is uniquely suitable to enhancing the family experience in shopping. From enormous Wall Holla playgrounds, such as that seen at the McAthur Glen shopping centre in Swindon, to the smallest toddler facility, Lappset have built play areas that enhance the leisure / retail experience for parents and children alike.

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