Our Plans for Coronavirus

We hope you and your family will remain safe and in good health.

Our principle concern is the health and safety of our staff, our customers, and the population at large. We plan to follow expert advice for best practices for Covid-19 from the NHS and the government. You can see the most up to date guidance on coronavirus in the UK on

Current Installation Projects

At present we have suspended installations until further notice, in line with government advice. We are monitoring the situation daily and will update accordingly. Although we would like to carry on, we do not deem the constructtion of playgrounds as “essential work”.

Precautions we are taking, both before the closure and once we return:

· Increased handwashing by all staff
· Use of gloves where possible
· Providing instructions on how to minimise virus transfer
· Support for staff to self isolate who suspect they or their households may have the virus

If you have any concerns or questions about a current or forthcoming installation project with us, please feel free to get in touch, on 01249 444 537 or contact us online.

Virtual Contacts for Quotation and Design

We would be very happy to continue to discuss your forthcoming projects:

· Where possible we will try to conduct meetings virtually using photos and video conferencing technology to enable us to understand your requirements and any site specific issues (googlearth / googlemaps is frequently an excellent tool to use for outside projects).

Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns on 01249 444 537 or contact us online.

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