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swing set in park with child cradle seat


Swings – the timeless classic every playground simply must have!

Often the first piece of play equipment a child will rush to when reaching the area, they have remained a firm favourite for kids of all ages, from the smallest child making their early way in life in a cradle swing to young teens getting great height on a traditional flat seat set. Even adults are regularly seen rolling back the years and having fun on the swings with their kids!

Browse our full range of playground Swings and Zip Wires below for more ideas and inspiration!

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Our Swings

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Bird’s Nest Swing 137417_M
Swing Frame 137414M
Swing Frame 137415_M
Swing Frame 175075
Swing Frame 175076
Swing Frame 175074
Forest Elf’s Swing 175575
Cable Slide with Starting Platform 6.5220-E
Cable Slide 6.5210-E
Aerial Runway 160050M
Double cable car (40.00) 0-42242-000
Double cable car (50.00) 0-42252-000
Cable ride (40,00 m) 0-42240-000
Cable ride (50,00 m) 0-42250-000
“Grass Mini Nest Swing” 8S-181127-54
“Mini Nest Swing Lucy” 6.5109-HWL
“Mini Nest Swing Lucy-Style” LP 1.0287-E
Mini nest 0-40175-000
Frame nest swing house 11.604
Nest swing “Kostnix^3” 6.5149-E
“Nest Swing Lucy” 6.5140-HWL
Thallium 220066_M
Spring Rider “Cheese And Mouse” 6S-160617-92
Thulium 220061_M
Thorium 220062_M
Thulium 220061M
Actinium 220063M
Erbium 220068M
Cerium 220067M
Europium 220069M
Indium 220070M
Tantalum 220005
Flora Bird’s Nest Swing 175576
Swing Frame 137414_M
Bohrium 220064M
Thorium 220062M
Halo Swing 230050
Terbium 220001M
Tellurium 220002M
Mini swing (1.60) 0-40160-001
Twin swing (2.00) 0-40190-000
Swing (2.40) 0-40230-001
Swing (2.40) 0-40232-001
Swing (2.40) 0-40234-001
Pole swing (2.00) 0-40212-002
Pole swing (2.00) 0-40214-002
Pole swing (2.00) 0-40216-000
Standard swing (3.00) steel – hot-dip galvanized 0-40350-000
Standard swing (3.00) stainless steel 0-40356-000
Maxi single swing (4.50) 0-40451-000
Maxi double swing (4.50) 0-40453-000
Rope Swing 1″ 6.5176-E
Rope Swing 2 6.5175-E
Viking swing (2.50) 0-40768-000
Viking swing (3.00) 0-40770-001
Pendulum Swing 0-40720-001
Group Swing 120239
Single point swing 0-40710-004
Swing Frame 137418M
Swing Frame 137415M
Swing Frame 137412M
Rubber Seat 000226
Rubber Seat 000216
Cradle Seat 000218
Cradle Seat 000228
Hugo & Ines 000104
Thallium 220066M
Bird’s Nest Swing 137417M
Kobito meeting swing, triple 10.6051
Kobito swing combination 10.6001+10.6011
Kobito belly swing 10.6021
Kobito toddler’s swing 10.6011
Kobito nest swing 10.6031
Kobito single swing 10.6001
Leaf Nest 6S-190430-10-GA
Toddler’s Swing 6.5101-E
Toddler’s Swing 2 6.5107-E
Grass Mini Nest Swing 8S-181127-54
Double Swing Grass 6.5111-E-GA
Belly Swing 6.5107-160205-21
Swing Grass II 6S-180115-22
Nest Swing “Cheese” LS-160617-92
Belly Swing Grass 6.5107-200612-10-GA
Toddler’s Swing Grass 6.5107-190923-26
Mini Double Swing 6.5108-151051-51
Mini Triple Swing 6.5108-E
Single Swing with Swing Axle 6.5105-E
Single Swing with Pivot Points 6.5106-E
Double Swing with Swing Axles 6.5110-E
Double Swing with Pivot Points 6.5111-E
Double Swing Cheese 6S-160617-93
Tarzan Swing Lucy L.0132-HWL
Nest Swing 6.5140-E
Nest swing double swing combination Lucy 6.5140+6.5111-HWL
Double Swing Lucy 6.5111-HWL
Single Swing, Accessible 6.5106-140722-53
Swing Lucy LP 1.0105
Swing Gate 6.5150-E
Nest Swing Lucy 6.5140-HWL
Double Swing Gate 6.5151-E
Mini Nest Swing Lucy-Style LP 1.0287-E
“Nest Swing Lucy, small” 6.5140-200-HWL
Belly Swing Lucy Style 6.5107-160205-21-L
Swing Gate Skywalker 6.5152-E
Mini Nest Swing Lucy 6.5109-HWL
Double Swing Gate Skywalker 6.5151-400-E
Toddlers Swing Lucy 6.5107-HWL
Swing Gate Lucy-Style LP 1.0285-E
Flower Garden LP-6.5610-E
Meeting Swing, double 6.5135-E
Combination Double Swing 6.5111-130213-52
Nest + Double Swing Combination 6.5140+6.5111
Meeting Swing, triple 6.5159-E
Hammock 6.5600-E
Swing Combination Paradise 6.5159-150212-52
Meeting Swing, triple with nest 6.5135-191011-14
Hexagon Swing 6.5160-E
Hammock, Flower 6.5600-130812-43
Swing Combination Pankebern 6.5159-200707-52
Hammock Palm Tree 6.5600-160913-91
Mini nest swing 6.5109-E
Swing Gate “Kostnix” 6.5147-E
Hammock Underground Car Park, Bent 6.5600-150115-29
Carpet Swing II 6.5176-201203-26
Swing Combination Scissors 6S-201012-03
Double Hammock 6.5602-E
Special Swing Semec III SK-180528-91
Palm Tree Garden 6.5610-E
Elevated Railway Vohwinkel 6S-150323-44
Double Swing Gate “Kostnix^2” 6.5148-E
Spiel-Bau trolley 6.52
“Belly Swing Lucy Style” 6.5107-160205-21-L
“Swing Gate Lucy-Style” LP 1.0285-E
“Flower Garden” LP-6.5610-E
“Tarzan Swing Lucy” L.0132-HWL
“Nest swing double swing combination Lucy” 6.5140+6.5111-HWL
“Double Swing Lucy” 6.5111-HWL
“Swing Lucy” LP 1.0105
“Toddlers Swing Lucy” 6.5107-HWL
Frame nest + double swing combination 11.6040-210831-R2
Frame rope swing house 11.6075
Frame single swing house 11.605
Frame belly swing house 11.6021
“Swing Combination Pankebern” 6.5159-200707-52
“Single Swing, Accessible” 6.5106-140722-53
Carpet Swing II” 6.5176-201203-26
“Mini nest swing” 6.5109-E
“Grass Seat, Large” 4S-170307-43
“Hammock Grass” 6.5600-170214-42
Leaf Nest” 6S-190430-10-GA
“Josephsplatz 15 – Nest Swing” 6S-151126-21
“Double Swing Grass” 6.5111-E-GA
“Swing Grass II” 6S-180115-22
“Belly Swing Grass” 6.5107-200612-10-GA
“Toddler’s Swing Grass” 6.5107-190923-26
playground swing set in small park
Basket Swing on wet pour playground flooring

Basket Swings

Fast proving itself as a playground essential is the basket swing, also referred to as a bird’s nest swing, now appears in almost all play areas in the country.

These swings have a large surface area, allowing multiple children to play at once and giving a great platform for children to socialise and play together. Equally as important, they are also a fantastic item for less able-bodied children, who find the wider area easier to sit on, ensuring everyone can join in the fun, no matter their physical abilities.

Measuring in at 1.2m diameter, our baskets are considerably larger than the 1m industry average, making them easier to access and allowing them to cater for more kids to play at the same time.

Bird’s Nest Swing


Like swing sets, an aerial runway, flying fox or zipline, is fast becoming one of the most popular features at the play area. Designed to be between 20 – 30 metres in length, they often have queues of children lining up to play even years after their initial installation!

Choose between an earth take off mound or wooden platform to gain the elevation necessary for the zipline, and between wood or steel for the build material.


Aerial Runway Zip Wire

Quality Materials

With the heavy use swings get, it is essential the frame and bearings are constructed with quality materials that can withstand the constant motion and strain they are placed under.

Lappet’s glue laminate wooden swings have stood the test of time having been designed and installed every year since 1970, giving the beautiful natural wooden look, with the build quality and durability of steel. If it’s a steel set you are after, our powdered coated swings come in classy grey or dark grey finishes.

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