Ninja Frame Frintrop

Ninja Frame Frintrop is a durable and high-quality structure designed for outdoor play. It features a sturdy frame and posts made of stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting performance. The wood used for this frame is Robinia, known for its strength and durability.

The Ninja Frame Frintrop consists of various components, including a balance beam made of Robinia, measuring approximately 400 cm in length. The frame itself is constructed using squared stainless steel, providing stability and support. Within the frame, there are three climbing passages that are connected by frames. Each passage is equipped with horizontal beams and planks made of Robinia, offering a secure and comfortable climbing experience. Additionally, each frame has a pair of handles attached, strategically placed for easy access.

The climbing passages within the Ninja Frame Frintrop are designed to provide a challenging and exciting experience. They include a slackline with three ropes made of Hercules rope, five climbing ropes with balance plates, and three swinging timbers that are attached to climbing ropes and chains.

To enhance the play experience, several small climbing platforms made of Robinia are mounted on stainless steel posts at different heights. This allows children to explore and climb at their own pace.

The frames and posts of the Ninja Frame Frintrop are powder coated, ensuring a sleek and attractive appearance. All support posts are made of squared stainless steel tube measuring 120x120mm. In accordance with environmental protection rules, all stainless steel surfaces are radiated with glass marbles.

The wooden parts of the Ninja Frame Frintrop are made of Robinia and have been planed and chamfered for a smooth finish. It is important to note that all wooden parts are untreated.

The connection point between the net/rope and the support posts is made using a specifically formed stainless steel fork and a tensible stainless steel chain. This ensures a secure and reliable connection. The ropes and nets used in the Ninja Frame Frintrop are made of Hercules rope, known for its strength and durability.

All connecting parts of the structure are made of stainless steel or galvanized, and only self-locking nuts are used to ensure safety.

It is important to mention that drying cracks may occur in all native hard woods, including Robinia, even after appropriate storage and professional treatment. Therefore, it is not considered a warranty claim. For more information, please refer to the supplementary sheet provided by the German Institute for Standardization EN 1176, specifically Note

The Ninja Frame Frintrop is proudly made in Germany, ensuring the highest quality and craftsmanship.

User Age3-12 years
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Technical Information


740 x 1850 cm

Fall Height Group

110 cm



stainless steel, wood