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ZigZag Play 2

Introducing the ZigZag Play 2, the ultimate playground bouldering wall for children and younger people. With its simple and playful forms, this climbing wall has been designed to capture the imagination and curiosity of the younger age group.

Measuring at 3.5×1.7×2.5 meters, the ZigZag Play 2 is the perfect addition to any playground area. It takes up just 21 m² of space, making it a great option for schools, parks, and recreational centres looking to optimize their play areas.

Our top priority is the safety and enjoyment of young climbers. That’s why we have created easier climbing routes on the ZigZag Play 2, specifically targeting playground movement coordination development. With less backward climbing surfaces and closer grips, children can easily navigate their way up and down the wall, building confidence and strength along the way.

The ZigZag Play 2 offers more than just a physical challenge. With 10+ possible routes to choose from, kids can explore their creativity and problem-solving skills. Whether they choose to zigzag their way to the top or find an alternative path, the possibilities are endless.

The ZigZag Play 2 is a versatile and engaging addition to any play space. It encourages active play, fosters coordination development, and sparks endless joy and excitement.

Invest in the ZigZag Play 2 and watch as children embark on a journey of exploration and adventure. From climbing enthusiasts to beginners, this bouldering wall is the perfect introduction to the world of climbing for children of all abilities. So why wait? Bring the thrill of climbing to your playground area with the ZigZag Play 2 today!

Climbing Surface: 35 m²

Climbing Routes: 35 m²

Equipment Size: 3.5×1.7×2.5 m

Safety Zone:  21 m²