Z 008

ZigZag Boulder 8

Introducing the ZigZag Boulder 8 – the ultimate outdoor bouldering wall designed for climbers of all ages and skill levels. This innovative product is perfect for hobbyists, amateurs, and professional athletes, providing a thrilling climbing experience that is accessible to everyone.

The ZigZag Boulder 8 is a folding puzzle solution, consisting of two types of modules – octahedrons and tetrahedrons. These modules can be easily reconfigured to change the size and layout of the bouldering wall, offering endless possibilities for climbers to challenge themselves.

With its compact size of 5.3×5.2×3.9 m, it is perfect for any backyard or outdoor space, occupying just 71 m². Boasting over 25 possible routes, the ZigZag Boulder 8 guarantees an exciting and dynamic climbing experience. Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your skills or a seasoned climber seeking a new challenge, this bouldering wall has something for everyone.

With its sturdy construction and high-quality materials, it ensures both safety and durability, allowing climbers to focus on their ascent without any worries. The ZigZag Boulder 8 is not just a climbing wall but a playground for adventure. It offers the opportunity for individuals or groups to engage in physical activity, build strength, improve coordination, and boost confidence. Whether it’s a family gathering, a community event, or a training session for athletes, this versatile bouldering wall will be the centrepiece of any outdoor space.

The ZigZag Boulder 8 is sure to attract climbers and outdoor enthusiasts from all around. So, why wait? Take your climbing experience to new heights with the ZigZag Boulder 8 and embrace the thrill of bouldering like never before.

Climbing Surface: 71 m²

Climbing Routes: 71 m²

Equipment Size: 5.3×5.2×3.9 m

Safety Zone:  80 m²