“Monkey Ladder Torgau”

Monkey Ladder Torgau offers a range of high-quality posts made from stainless steel. The posts have a diameter of 101.6mm and are available in grassArtdesign, featuring a curved design with a bevel cut. The wall thickness of the posts varies between 2mm and 3mm.

The heights of the posts are customized according to the design drawing, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific requirements. Additionally, we provide a dangel arch with a length of approximately 380cm and a height of around 250cm. The arch is constructed using stainless steel pipes with a diameter of 38mm.

To enhance safety and stability, we also offer a horizontal bar with five bars made from stainless steel pipes with a diameter of 38mm.

All our products come without color design, allowing you to customize them according to your preferences. Rest assured, our Monkey Ladder Torgau products are proudly made in Germany.

We prioritize the use of high-quality materials, with all support posts made from stainless steel with a diameter of 101.6mm. To ensure a smooth and polished finish, all stainless steel surfaces are radiated with glass marbles, in compliance with environmental protection regulations. Furthermore, all connecting parts are made from either stainless steel or galvanized materials.

For added security, we exclusively use self-locking nuts in our products. Choose Monkey Ladder Torgau for durable and reliable stainless steel posts that meet the highest standards of quality.

User Age5-10
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Technical Information


618 x 847

Fall Height Group

250 cm



stainless steel