Z 007

ZigZag Boulder 7

Introducing the ZigZag Boulder 7, the ultimate outdoor bouldering wall designed for climbers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a hobbyist, amateur, or professional athlete, this innovative product ensures that climbing is accessible to everyone, regardless of age or athletic ability. The ZigZag Boulder 7 is a folding puzzle solution, featuring two types of modules – octahedron and tetrahedron.

These modules can be easily repositioned to change the size and configuration of the wall, providing endless possibilities for climbers to challenge themselves and improve their skills. With a compact product size of 5.3×5.2×3.2 m, the ZigZag Boulder 7 takes up a minimal amount of space, requiring only 76 m² of your outdoor area. Whether you have a large backyard, a community playground, or a school sports facility, this bouldering wall is the perfect addition to any outdoor space.

One of the standout features of the ZigZag Boulder 7 is the number of possible routes it offers. With over 28+ routes to explore, climbers can continuously experience new challenges and never run out of exciting routes to conquer. This allows for endless entertainment and skill development for climbers of all levels. Constructed with durability and safety in mind, the ZigZag Boulder 7 is built using high-quality materials that ensure the product will withstand the test of time and provide a safe climbing experience.

The wall is designed to withstand outdoor elements, making it suitable for long-term outdoor use. Not only does the ZigZag Boulder 7 provide a fun and challenging climbing experience, but it also offers opportunities for climbers to improve their strength, balance, and problem-solving skills. This versatile bouldering wall can be utilized by individuals, families, and even organized groups for team-building exercises or training sessions. Experience the thrill of climbing with the ZigZag Boulder 7.

With its compact size, versatility, and numerous routes, this outdoor bouldering wall is the perfect choice for climbing walls playgrounds, community parks, and any outdoor space in need of a thrilling adventure. Get ready to conquer new heights and unleash your inner climber with the ZigZag Boulder 7!

Climbing Surface: 76 m²

Climbing Routes: 76 m²

Equipment Size: 5.3×5.2×3.2 m

Safety Zone:  85 m²