“Josephsplatz 2 – Chair Bush”

Josephsplatz 2 – Chair Bush

The chair bush at Josephsplatz 2 features curved stainless steel support posts. These support posts are made of stainless steel and have a diameter of 38mm. They are shaped with a bevel cut and have a wall thickness of 5mm, in accordance with the statics. Additionally, there are 10 curved stainless steel support posts with a diameter of 50mm, also shaped with a bevel cut and with a wall thickness according to the statics.

The chair bush includes two square seats made of black rubber. Each seat measures 40x40cm and is hung on four points with a chain connection to the support posts. There is also a horizontal rope ladder with stainless steel tubes for kick support. Several climbing ropes made of Hercules rope are also included.

The chair bush is made in Germany and all support posts are made of stainless steel tube. The stainless steel surfaces are radiated with glass marbles to comply with environmental protection rules. The nets are made of Hercules rope, although different color nuances may occur when using hemp-colored ropes. All connecting parts are made of stainless steel or galvanized, and only self-locking nuts are used.

Technical Information:
The net and rope linkage is achieved by using support posts with specifically formed stainless steel forks welded conclusively to the post. The tension is ensured by a tensible stainless steel chain, which serves as the connection element between the stainless steel fork and the aluminum pressed hull at the rope end.

User Age4-8
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Technical Information


515 x 648 cm

Fall Height Group

165 cm



stainless steel