“Sieve Table Hannover”

Sieve Table Hannover
Order Number: 3.3035-181218-12
Stainless Steel Posts

– Four stainless steel posts, one with a bevel cut
– One stainless steel base plate with a sieve
– One frame made of stainless steel tube with a diameter of 38mm
– One turnable crane with a height of approximately 220cm
– One extended boom with a deflection pulley
– One stainless steel chain and a rubber bucket

No color design included.

Made in Germany!
All support posts are made of stainless steel with a diameter of 101.6mm.
The visible ends of the posts are securely welded to a stainless steel cap.
All connecting parts are made of stainless steel or galvanized. Only self-locking nuts are used.

User Age2-6
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Technical Information


154 x 554 cm

Fall Height Group

60 cm



stainless steel