Fun Trail Set 1

Low level Fun Trail Set with easy modules for younger children

Large low level Fun Trail Set option with easy modules for younger children Fun Trail Set 1 includes Arched Balance Beams, Mini Hump Back Bridge, Balance Beams, Stretch Posts, Stepping Stones, Stepping Flowers, Scramble Tunnel, Curved Stepping Stones, Curved Balance Beams, Wave Ramp and Agility Run. All with child-friendly surfaces and safety at the core of it’s design. We construct our Fun Trail units using HDPE panels, recycled HDPE posts, slip-resistant PolyDek tread surfaces and all put together with stainless steel fasteners, all Fun Trail units are extremely safe and very durable. You can start with this trail layout and either customise it to add or take away modules, you can also extend and add to your trail over time using our modules.

Product Features
15 piece Fun Trail
Bridge, balance, stepping and tunnel
Agility Run, Wave Ramp and Arched Balance
Colourful HDPE panels and accents
Safe, slip-resistant tread surfaces
Recycled plastic posts
Stainless steel fasteners

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