“Liana Path”

Liana Path offers a range of high-quality posts made from durable stainless steel. The wood options available are robinia and douglas fir.

– There are seven curved support posts made of stainless steel, which are inclined and designed with a bevel cut for a stylish finish.
– The diameter of each post is 101.6mm, ensuring strength and durability. The maximum length of the post above ground is 305cm.
– The distance between each post is 300cm per unit.
– We provide a balance beam with a length of approximately 300cm.
– For added safety, we include a balance rope and a safety rope, both with a length of approximately 300cm. These ropes are made from Hercules rope, known for its strength and reliability.
– Our rope harp, with a length of approximately 300cm, is also made from Hercules rope. It offers a unique and engaging play experience.
– Additionally, we offer a wooden harp with harp strings made from robinia logs. The length of this harp is approximately 300cm.
– To enhance the play area, we provide three ropes made from Hercules rope, each with a length of approximately 300cm.
– Furthermore, we offer 15 ropes made from Hercules rope that run towards the ground and are anchored securely in the ground.
– To complete the set, we include 15 round balance plates made from robinia.

Please note that our products do not come with color design.

All our support posts are made in Germany using stainless steel tubes with a diameter of 101.6mm. The visible ends of the posts are welded securely to stainless steel caps. To ensure environmental protection, all stainless steel surfaces are radiated with glass marbles.

For the wooden parts, we use Robinia wood that is planed and chamfered. These wooden parts are left untreated for a natural look.

The connection point between the net/rope and the support posts is made through a specifically formed stainless steel fork and a tensible stainless steel chain.

Our nets are made from Hercules rope, which is known for its strength and durability. Please note that there may be slight color variations when using hemp-colored ropes.

All connecting parts are made from stainless steel or galvanized materials. We only use self-locking nuts for added safety.

Please be aware that drying cracks are normal in all native hard woods, even after appropriate storage and professional treatment. Therefore, drying cracks do not qualify as a warranty claim. For more information, please refer to the supplementary sheet provided by the German Institute for Standardization EN 1176, specifically Note

User Age5-12
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Technical Information


1011 x 1470 cm

Fall Height Group

240 cm



stainless steel, wood, HPL