Lumberjack’s Bridge

The Lumberjack’s Bridge is part of the Flora Adventure Trail product group, and it improves balance, coordination and core & body strength. The rounded beam guides the player to walk across the bridge, with or without the help of handrails. The rope net attached on the handrails make the crossing possible also without touching the beam. This product works the best as a part of a balancing route, for a wide age group.This equipment is a bridge with a longitudinal beam attached to the main frame. A rope net is attached to the beam from the handrails.

User Age3+
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Made In Finland
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Materials & Colours

Material Text

The primary material is pine wood, which has been pressure-treated with a metal-based solution and surface-treated to give it its brown colour. Glue-laminated timber does not suffer from moisture variation like solid wood, therefore it does not bend or crack over time. Due to pressure-treating and shimmer coating the products last even in the most challenging weather conditions. Shimmer coating gives the wood an extra protection against sun’s ultraviolet radiation and against blue stains.

Over the years, the wood acquires a natural grey patina. If this is not desired, the surface treatment can easily be renewed after a few years. The walls and roofs are made with glue laminated, pressure-treated wood with thick wood fibers. They are surface-treated to give them the brown colour.

The low-carbon steel parts comply with European standards for structural steel. Our unique Lappcoat surface treatment was specifically developed with outdoor furniture in mind. Steel grades and thicknesses are chosen according to application-specific requirements.

Metal parts: Grey

The ropes and nets we use are steel reinforced. The cruciform joints are of stainless steel. The rope fasteners are made of strong plastic, and specially designed link fasteners are used in joints exposed to major angle changes.

Colour of the ropes and nets: Beige

All foundations are made of metal, sheltering the wood from direct contact with the ground to prevent rot and extend the product’s life. In most cases, the foundations are made of galvanized structural steel. Fastening accessories are made of stainless steel or hot galvanized steel.

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Installation Time

2H (for 1)

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