Dutch disc (2.50)

Key Attributes

Age Group


Area of Use

Public Playgrounds


Physical Activities

Suitable for

Suitable for
children aged 8 and over,
public playgrounds, etc.
Exercise activities.

Techincal Specifications

Lifting Device


Total Length

2.55 m

Total Width

2.55 m

Total Height

0.70 m

Minimum Space Length

8.55 m

Minimum Space Width

8.55 m

Minimum Space Height

0.70 m

Heaviest Single Piece

410.00 kg

(Total) Weight

590.00 kg

Free Height of Fall

0.70 m

Platform Heights



Foundation 1

1 piece - 0.90 x 0.90 x 0.80 m volume: 0.65 m3

Foundation 2


Foundation 3


Foundation 4


Foundation 5


Foundation 6



Number of Installers

2 pers.

Assembly Time

1 h

Assembly Details

Assembly time 2 fitters 1 hour each (without foundation creation) + lifting gear

Technical Data

Technical data
Base area: Ø 2.55 m
Minimum space: Ø 8.55 m (58 m²)
Total height: 0.70 m
Ground clearance: 0.40 – 0.55 m
Weight: 410 kg heaviest individual part
590 kg in total

Rotating base: stainless steel / EPDM coating (color: black / green), smooth underside.
Rolling bearings: tamper-proof and protected against dirt.
The panes are anchored by means of a flange ring to be set in separately.
Please note that shock-absorbing materials according to the definition of EN 1176-1 as well as “synthetic fall protection” are permitted. In the context of maintenance, care must be taken with these materials that their fall protection properties are not lost through compaction, the play-away effect or wear; In the case of synthetic fall protection, the dangers for ligaments and tendons should be weighed up due to the reduced sliding ability.

Foundation (on site)
1 pc. 0.90 x 0.90 x 0.80 m
amount of concrete: 0.65 m³

Free height of fall
0.70 m

Please note:
If required, you will receive the foundation ring for this device in advance so that you can carry out the foundation work in good time and that the foundation is set before mounting the bearing and washer.
If an advance delivery is desired, we ask for feedback and the delivery address in the case of an order.