Bouncy plate

Key Attributes

Age Group


Area of Use



Physical Activity

Suitable for

Suitable for
children from 3 years,
public playgrounds,
exercise activities

Techincal Specifications

Lifting Device


Total Length

1.00 m

Total Width

1.00 m

Total Height

0.30 m

Minimum Space Length

4.00 m

Minimum Space Width

4.00 m

Minimum Space Height

0.30 m

Heaviest Single Piece

100.00 kg

(Total) Weight

140.00 kg

Free Height of Fall

0.30 m

Platform Heights



Foundation 1


Foundation 2


Foundation 3


Foundation 4


Foundation 5


Foundation 6



Number of Installers

1 person

Assembly Time

1 h

Assembly Details

Installation time 1 fitter 1 hour (when using the prefabricated foundation)

Technical Data

Technical data
Base area: Ø 1.00 m
Minimum space: Ø 4.00 m (13 m²)
Height: 0.30 m
Weight: 100 kg heaviest single part
140 kg in total

Panel made of highly compressed synthetic resin wood (PAGHOLZ), highly wear-resistant, weather and temperature-resistant, UV stable, non-slip surface thanks to milled grooves, 20 mm thick.

Function-related platform, thanks to the appropriate arrangement of the 3 spiral compression springs made of spring steel wire according to DIN 17223 C, 280 x 120 x 12 mm, galvanized and additionally coated with epoxy resin, color red / RAL 2002.
Including prefabricated foundation (round).

Free fall height
0.30 m

Please note:
Under all playground equipment that causes forced movement of the user (e.g. swings, slides, seesaw devices, cable cars, carousels, etc.), shock-absorbing floors must be provided over the entire impact area.