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To encourage toddler’s development in a playful way, Spiel-Bau and the Creative Atelier designed the new product line “Kobito”. The comes from a Japanese word for “the little ones” and is inspired by cute villages and small dwellings.
The combination of arches made of high-quality stainless steel with many different elements made of HPL and robinia invites toddlers into a play world that stimulates their imagination and creativity, as well encouraging them to rediscover this world again and again.


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Kobito play house “Tola” 10.2101
Kobito play house “Kumo” 10.2111
Kobito play house “Puca” 10.2201
Kobito play house “Moli” 10.2211
Kobito play combination “Kuli” 10.2301
Kobito play combination “Tako” 10.2311
Kobito play combination “Kuko” 10.2411
Kobito play combination “Mado” 10.2401
Kobito sand play “Tama” 10.3101
Kobito sand play “Kami” 10.3111
Kobito sand kitchen “Tomi” 10.3201
Kobito sand house “Mada” 10.3301
Kobito sand kitchen “Yuka” 10.3211
Kobito sand house “Kumi” 10.3351
Kobito illusion mirror 10.3705
Kobito material board 10.3711
Kobito black board 10.3721
Kobito chime 10.3701
Kobito rotary discs 10.3715
Kobito memory 10.3725
Kobito single swing 10.6001
Kobito nest swing 10.6031
Kobito toddler’s swing 10.6011
Kobito belly swing 10.6021
Kobito swing combination 10.6001+10.6011
Kobito meeting swing, triple 10.6051
Kobito climbing house “Mino” 10.7101
Kobito climbing house “Neko” 10.7121
Kobito climbing house “Moya” 10.7141
Kobito climbing course “Kogu” 10.7201
Kobito climbing village “Mula” 10.7351
Kobito climbing course “Mogu” 10.7301
Kobito tunnel 10.2801
Kobito climbing course “Nolu” 10.7251
Kobito tunnel combination “Kune” 10.2821
Kobito tunnel combination “Kaku” 10.2841
Kobito tunnel combination “Poco” 10.2861
Kobito tunnel combination “Mina” 10.2901
Kobito chained balance beam 10.7521
Kobito Slackline 10.7501
Kobito balance rope 10.7511
Kobito bench 10.4101
Kobito bench Mite 10.4111
Kobito seating arrangement 10.4201
kobito toddler playground equipment

At Redlynch Leisure, we believe in nurturing children’s development through the power of play. Our latest creation, “Kobito,” is a charming product line designed in collaboration with the Creative Atelier to delight and engage toddlers in their playful journey. Named after the Japanese word for “the little ones,” “Kobito” draws inspiration from adorable villages and cozy dwellings, providing a safe and stimulating play environment for toddlers to blossom.

The World of “Kobito” – Where Imagination Blooms “Kobito” brings together the finest materials and creative design to craft a world that sparks imagination and curiosity in toddlers. High-quality stainless-steel arches stand tall, adorned with a myriad of elements made from durable HPL and robinia wood, forming an enchanting landscape that encourages toddlers to explore and interact.

Inviting Toddlers into a Realm of Imagination Step into the realm of “Kobito,” where boundless possibilities await. With its charming villages and whimsical dwellings, this play world beckons toddlers to embark on imaginative adventures. From cozy nooks to playful hideaways, every element is thoughtfully crafted to stimulate young minds, allowing them to invent stories, role-play, and immerse themselves in the magic of make-believe.

Creativity and Rediscovery at Play “Kobito” is a haven of creativity, where toddlers can express themselves freely. The combination of stainless-steel arches and diverse HPL and robinia elements encourages kids to discover new ways to play with each visit. As they build, climb, and explore, their creativity blossoms, and the world of “Kobito” becomes a cherished place they want to revisit again and again.

Quality Meets Safety At Redlynch Leisure, safety is paramount, and “Kobito” is no exception. The play line is meticulously crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring a secure and durable play experience. Parents can rest assured knowing their little ones are playing in an environment designed with their safety in mind.

A Playground that Inspires Growth “Kobito” is not just a play space; it is a place of growth and development. Through imaginative play, toddlers enhance their cognitive, social, and emotional skills. Every interaction within the enchanting “Kobito” world fosters learning and discovery, laying a foundation for a bright future.

Discover “Kobito” Today Experience the magic of “Kobito” and witness the joy it brings to toddlers. Explore the wonder of this captivating product line, and let your little ones immerse themselves in a world of imagination and creativity.

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