Kobito nest swing

The Kobito nest swing features a stainless steel arch with a height of approximately 210cm. The arch is made of stainless steel tube with a diameter of ø168.3mm and a thickness of 3mm. It is manufactured in Germany and all stainless steel surfaces are treated with glass marbles in accordance with environmental protection regulations.

The swing also includes a pair of swing pivot points, made of stainless steel, with an arresting chain. Additionally, there is a round nest with a diameter of ø90cm. The nest is made of a braided steel ring and has a seat made of fine mesh Hercules rope. It is suspended from ropes.

All ropes used in the swing are made of Hercules rope with 6 strands. Similarly, all nets are made of Hercules rope. All connecting parts are either made of stainless steel or galvanized, and only self-locking nuts are used.

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User Age0-5 years
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Technical Information


260 x 730 cm

Fall Height Group

135 cm



stainless steel